A Call to the ARMs by Kuemmel [web]


 'A call to the ARMs' =>

 a 1024 Byte invitro by Kuemmel for RISC OS in 2021 for
 REVISION demo party 2021 - WILD category

 ...it's been 20 years since the last CodeCraft (issue #3)
 contest took place within the RISC OS community. So I
 thought we should do a revival !

 ...you can check out all details on the contest and the
 categories at the  website provided by my friend at

 ...join us on RISC OS - old or new school platforms -

 Regarding the invitro:

 - runs on RISC OS (tested on Raspberry Pi3/Pi4)
 - has music, so tune up your speakers !
 - contains 4 parts
 - needs you to kill the SpecialFX module as this module
   doesn't support THUMB (double click !KillSpecialFX
   before running the invitro)
 - source included, to assemble it yourself you need
   the gnu assembler from the !GCC kit
 - needs a cpu that supports THUMB2 & NEON
 - runs at 800x600 True Colour
 - check the 'source' folder for source. Builds with
   GNU Assembler from the !GCC package
 - press ESC to exit any time



 Greetings to sensenstahl,hellmood,gentlemen,t$,bartman,
 dojoe,saga musix,kaomau,rrrola,superogue,blossom,
 exoticorn,jeffrey,jared,the risc os community & and all
 the tiny intro and demo coders out there
                        :    ,$
                        %  dS'
                        $   "s,
                        ;      *,_   ,

        e-mail: michael.kuebel@googlemail.com
        web...: www.mikusite.de