Moonspire 2 by Victory & Bitplane Technomantes & Retro Gamer CD [web]

Moonspire 2 

A one-level game released at revision 2021 by bitplane technomantes, skalaria, rgcd and victory

coding by dm/victory (Dusan Milivojevic)
graphics and level design by rexbeng/bitplane technomantes (Harris Kladis)
music and sfx by agemixer/skalaria (Ari Yliaho)
produced by heavy stylus/rgcd (James Monkman)

The aim of the game is to hack at least 80% of computer terminals scattered on the draxx ship you infiltrated, then evacuate by finding the evac pad located somewhere on the ship. 
To hack terminal simply walk into it. You'll find out that some of the enemies can't be destroyed/killed so you have to avoid them. It takes around 12 minutes to complete the game in full speed.
So we hope you have some fun with it.


to run on vice emulator, just drag and drop the .crt file on the emulator window.

to run on real c64 using 1541uii+, copy .crt file to your flash stick, then browse to .crt file and select 'run cart' in the menu that appears after hitting 'return' on the .crt file.

ingame keys:

m - map
1 - select pulse weapon
2 - select homing weapon
3 - use cloak ability
4 - use freeze ability
space - use nuke weapon

option keys:
z - music/sfx
k - toggle controls: joystick (port 2) / keyboard (wasd+rshift)
i - restart game

0 - lives/ammo boost

when the keyboard is selected ('k' key), controls are:
w - up
s - down
a - left
d - right
rightshift - fire