The Astonishing Tribe by Yodel [web]


                                at the party vi

                           pc 64kB intro competition

       -      -     -    -   -  - - -yodel- - -  -   -    -     -      -

                                   gives you

                             the astonishing tribe

          snooky writing some words:

          welcome back! quite some time since we made a production
        for the demo scene now. we planned to release something at
        tg96, but that production wasn't finished, and it is resting
        in a safe subdirectory at my harddrive, in exactly the same
        state as i left it in april.

          but now, we're back in business. we realized that intros
        are what we do best, so we made another one. this time powered
        with math co-processor instructions, but still the same good
        old real mode. i havn't got a clue what's happened to the
        intro/demo development the last six months (i'm doing my
        military services right now..) but i think the effects included
        in this production looks quite good.
          you could say that this entire intro is based on one single
        effect: a sub-pixel incorrect, z buffered, phong interpolating,
        bump- and texture mapping, floyd/steinberg dither illuminated,
        true perspective polygon filler. it uses vast amounts of our
        beloved base memory and cpu time, but it looks quite good!

          and now, the hardware department.
          you will need the following to execute "tat":

                a 386+ system
                a 287+ math co-processor
                600+ kB of base memory
                a vga adapter with 256+ kB of video memory

          and one of the following to hear the impressive soundtrack:

                a built in pc speaker
                a soundblaster (1.5/2.0/pro/pro2/16/32)
                a gravis ultrasound

          the intro has been tested on the following configurations:

                486dx2-80, tseng et4000w32p, gus
                p133, tseng et6000, sb16
                p133, tseng et4000w32p, sb16
                p166, matrox millennium, cba

          and now, nothing left, but to wish You a happy new year!

                                                         /// Snooky / Yodel