Hexagon's aberration by Excess Team

| Full name of work: hexaberration
| Compo: Oldschool intro 256b
| Size: 256b
| Requirements: Elektronika BK0011M
| Contacts: adam@bazaroff.com

| First shown on Inercia Demoparty 2021
| Code: Adam Bazaroff/Excess team

Windows: gid BK emulator http://gid.pdp-11.ru
	1. Choose "БК0011М + МСТД" in Configuration
	2. Press and hold "L" until you see "Имя файла:" (you may need to click "Reset" if you see Basic ;)
	3. Press "Enter"
	4. Press cassette icon on toolbar and choose "hexabb.bin (or .wav)".
		(if icon is inactive, uncheck "Опции > Эмулировать загрузку ленты" or press Num1)
	5. Wait... Type "1000G"
	6. Enjoy

macOS: BK2010 java emulator http://sandro.pdp-11.ru

	1. Move "hexabb.bin" file to "files" folder.
	2. Select BK0011M in "Machine type". Start emulator.
	3. Press Space key, or if you see Basic, type "MO" [enter].
	4. Type "L" (Load), then "hexabb", press Enter.
	5. Type "G" (Go!)
	6. Enjoy

| More BK stuff on our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvUv_-dSuj9a5O7fCcu4_Rw
| BK0010/11M addicted telegram channel: https://t.me/bk0010_11m