SNDH v4.8 update demo by Psycho Hacking Force [web] & KÜA software productions & Dead Hackers Society [web]

SNDH v4.8 intro
Requirements : 
ST with at least 1mb of memory

Intro works on ST, STe, mega Ste and partially on TT & Falcon (1st & 3rd screen).

Credits :

Loader: Grazey

Radar code: GGN
Radar other code: Grazey
Sound: gwEm
SNDH logo: ST Survivor
Radar GFX: Grazey
Other GFX: Tinker & Evil

Bar code: Grazey
Font: ST Survivor
Music: gwEm

End code: Grazey
Font: Grazey
Music: DMA-SC

Psycho Hacking Force, KÜA, Dead Hackers Society, Loud!, Sector One, Lineout

05 February 2023