Locomotion by Onyx

                                   O - N - Y - X
                      ú   ú  ú úú P R E S E N T S úú ú  ú   ú
                   ß   ßßßÛ ßßß ßßßÛ ßßÛßÛ ßßßÛ ßßßßß ß ßßßÛ ßßßÛ
                   Û   Û  Û Û   Û  Û Û   Û Û  Û   Û   Û Û  Û Û  Û
                   ÛÜÜ ÛÜÜÛ ÛÜÜ ÛÜÜÛ Û   Û ÛÜÜÛ   Û   Û ÛÜÜÛ Û  Û

                 Our contribution to Assembly'93 intro competition


  Credits :
   Coding :  Altair, Blaze, MR biGG
   Graphics : Visual Monster
   Music : Tonza

  Coded with Pascal and Assembler
  Music composed with MR H's Fast Tracker
  Graphics drawn with Deluxe Paint 2.0

  ONYX greets :
  Alpha Force Prod, Remedy, The Black Rain, Virtual Visions, Future Crew,
  Extreme, Triton, Cascada, Renaissance, Imphobia, Majic 12, iCE,
  The Emulator Institute, AFC, Xanthorrhoeaceae, The Code Blasters,
  The Space Pigs, TSI, Skull, Ultra Force, Warlocks, The Raiders Brothers,
  Impact Studios, Access Denied, ICSPS, Witan, L.A.Style, The Brain Slayer,
  Hysteria, The Napalm Star, Paranoids, Quip, Electro Motive Force,
  Flash Productions, Spyce, The Toxic Dream, Xography, TheEuropeanTechnology,

  MR biGG greets :
  Lemming/iCE, Quark/Remedy, Kapsu/Epical, Pizza/iCE, Linel Z/The Black Rain,
  Krusher/AFC, SaM/Imphobia, Trinity, HALCYON, Gangsta/Crypton, Viba,
  TaskMaster/Dataction, Rick Dangerous/Surprise! Productions,
  MzR(Kindergarten Cop??), Viba, Jarbulator(and the rest of the GANG),
  Tero/Virtual Visions...
  Write to :
  MR biGG
  Finninmaenk 29 A2
  33710 Tampere
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  Invalid Enviroment - Support Site 1 - +358-(9)41-666715