Astral Aliens N Da Haus by 0x7A69.au [web]

Astral Aliens N Da Haus

Created for Breakpoint 2003
by the wondering aussies who
are 0x7a69.au

Coded, soundified and graphified 
by the three..

ript (ript@disasterarea.net), 
gyr (email pending anonymity check),
and shock (shock@wh3rd.net)

runs on a win32 based machine
preferably with soundcard
and opengl hardware

in usual style always less 
then the recommended 64k

.nfo written while freezing
in the partyhall

greets go out to all the mad
germans, polish, swedes, brits,
americans, hungarians, and finns 
that we have met during this time
(so many names to remember) and
all the aussies back home