Space Noodle by Portal Project

Portal Project presents
 Space Noodle!

released at The Gathering 1998

Please don't run from windows.
Have a fast machine.
requires VESA 2.0 320x200x32bit mode

This was supposed to be a textmode demo,
but we didn't make it to the deadline.
Then Madhi got the idea to convert it to VESA,
and we made a PC demo out of it.. It is a bit
slow, as the effects are not very optimized for
320x200x32bit. This is a hurry prod..

Music: Madhi
Code: Svok
Vesa-interface: Troot
  "countdown": Tick
  "viking ship": Yoke
  and some objects on a CD.

Midas: Sahara Surfers. Thanks!

special greets to Mr.Lee!

svok : kyrre@vf.telia.no