4orce by Dead Hackers Society [web]

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      !           \   !      ! !      !  /           /
      ! !    _     \  ! !    !_!      ! / /  _______/
   ___! !   !_\     \_! !             !_\ \         \____
   :::!     !:/   / /:!       _     ! !::\_______  \ \:::
   :::!          / /::!      !:!    ! !::/         / /:::
   ::::::::::::::[ Dead Hackers Society ]::::::::::::::::
                       - "4orce" -

                Orneta'98 4-kilobyte demo
                    (delayed release)
                     August 13, 1998           

hello there guys! we thought about not releasing this one
until dreamhack in october. try to optimize it more, and
thus get space for an extra effect. but.. what the hell,
better to make a new one instead!

    to view this 4k demo, you would need something like:
- an atari falcon or compatible machine
- 4mb of stram, or ~1mb stram / 3mb fastram
- fpu (if you don't have one, you'll miss alot in the future
       so buy one now, they are not very expensive!)
- a bit of patience, the intro has something like 20 secs
  of init time, on a totally blank screen.
- preferably an ok vga monitor capable of 100 Hz.
  though you can, as usual run it on rgb's or tv's too.
  the demo has best framerate and one effect looks "beefier"
  on vga than rgb (has todo with pixeldoubling).
   to make a 4k demo like this, you need something like:
- one gizmo for coding
- anohter evil for coding
- and, last but not least: a tao for music!

      to not getting old while watching this demo:
the last effect, after the credits screen will go on for a
long, long while (dc.l -1 vbls). that is, unless you press
space to exit!

 to make some people happy, we found the following formula:
- the demo runs from vga and rgb screens, two special modes
  for each monitor types are delivered. we strongly recomend
  the vga100.prg if you have a monitor worth the name.
  the vga60.prg is put in a box-mode as usual. and the rgb-
  files runs with lower framerate than the vga ones. nothing
  new here.
- the demo will use fastram if available. higher framerate
  is the bonus you'll be awarded with. if you have fastram,
  about 3meg of it has to be free, and anohter 1meg has to
  be free of the stram (screen buffers.. giant ones).
- the demo automaticly runs faster with an accelerator as
  well. but it will still be synced.

    to stand out a little from all the other 4k demos:  
this one is equipped with music, and a bit of syncing to it!
giga-hyper-mega thanks to tao of cream! you are the nicest
dude! thanks alot!

the demo-system together with the music uses nearly 2k of
space, so not very much left for effects! though, if we left
out the things other crews usually does (proper exit etc.)
we could easily have put anohter effect in. but we hate re-
booting! there should be a law saying somewhere that demos
should be exiting cleanly. :-)

     to report all errors you'll find in this demo:
you should e-mail the evil dude! he is always in a bitchy
mode and his nickname is well choosen. so, if you dare, use
this address: ae@wombat.ludvika.se

we also have a webpage.. well, guess that's not a big sur-
price for anyone... though we have got a new really nice 
virtual-domainname for it: http://dhs.atari.org 

          to please a few souls, finally here is:
the obligatory greetings, more people forgotten than ever,
worst order since delta forces "special unorder".

mind design, reservoir gods, mystic bytes, avena, wildfire,
falcon users netherlands, poets of decay, loud, 2life crew,
tscc, firestorm atari center, nature, assemsoft, muguk,
vectronix, excellence in art, the black lotus, checkpoint,
aggression, popsyteam, senser, sector one, new beat, cream,
imponance, escape, nocrew, luzak team, elite, cobra team,
sentry, lazer, blaze.. and all we forgot at this moment.

okey, end of textfile - now go and try the darn demo.
hopefully it will run! as usual, you are trying it on your
own risk! we give no warranty. be a bit careful with the
vga100.prg if you're not cretain your monitor can cope with