Aekrus by Lieves!Tuore [web]

         AEKRUS by Lieves!Tuore

Lieves!Tuore is more than proud to
present our first MSX production, an
intro called Aekrus. Coded in a great
hurry to get it ready to Tillburg'97.

Why doesn't it work?
Because of the terrible hurry, we had
practically no time to betatest or
debug this. The timings are for MSX1,
so a turboR will screw everything up.
On an MSX2 it might be necessary to
set the screen to mode 32 or 40 before
running the intro.

What is this Lie... something?
The world famous L!T is a superb group
of extermely talented elite superhumans
interested in MSX ;v) You're bound to
see more productions from us sooner or

Who did what?
code    Marq (balls, bump, city +misc.)
        Duke NEMO (city +misc.)
        Yzi (music system)

gfx     Man (rabbit)
        Marq (the rest)

music   Yzi (music)

Thanks to Plaque and Maarten ter Huurne
for their great help!

The tools we used
fMSX emulator, Karhu III, SVI 728,
Karjala III, TASM, Light beer, DP2e,
Koff III, Qedit, Milky Way peanut
butter and PORTAR.DOC

Where can I get more info?
Check out our brand new homepage:

Or send e-mail:
(Marq) r154143@proffa.cc.tut.fi
(Man)  man@sci.fi

release date 12th April 1997