Does the demoscene lack of coders? graphic artists? or musicians?

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I'll elaborate why to start small. There is two approaches. One is to start with detailed plan and cut it until time runs out, another is to start with basic plan and add until time runs out. Solid basic plan is always better than crippled detailed.
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Conclusion: demoscene doesn't need musicians anymore :D

no, musicians don't need the demoscene anymore :)
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yeah, size coding is quite an art on its own, so perhaps starting with a demo just to get a feeling for all the tech involved is a better idea.. also, better not release your very first demos anyway unless you don't give a shit :)
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I agree with Codarki said.. I kinda meant that with my post when I said "pick something you want to do".

Personally. The biggest thing I'm lacking, is Time. So make good use of what you've got by trying to maintain a singular focus and don't try to solve every problem at once. Pick one, do it, move on.

Digest the excellent Seminars out there like this (Preachers 2008 assembly seminar) http://media.assembly.org/vod/2009/Seminars/871_Demo_Programming_for_Beginners_h 264_1856kbit.mp4 to give you some ideas, not only on themes, but the nitty gritty.
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and you get kidnapped by the pro-industry faster because they also are in desperate need.

This doesn't really happen these days does it? It's just a natural progression, I would like to think creatives just seek more stable environments to be creative with a larger pool of talent. People who care less about the geeky details and more about the art-form. I feel these days the demoscene lacks the bohemian attitude and competitive edge it has had in the past along with less influences from other creative mediums.

I am sure there are plenty of motivated coders and artists and musicians out there, but motivating creativity in such a sterile environment, at times, can be challenging.
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Play with your tools. Then make a storyboard.

Says the person who makes overambitious storyboards that call for the creation of far too many complex art assets.

Of course, the first sentence of this post, this being Pouet, will lead to predictable jokes.

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Demoscene lacks of pouets.
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Draw with code, then you won't need to lay aside either. And at the end, you'll find that your drawings are alive, you can tweak, animate... or just release it as a demo :)

This. Combine your skills. Many of the most interesting demoscene productions (IMHO) come from people who are proficient in multiple areas. Who are able to think outside the boxes that are "code", "music", "graphics", "3d" or "design" and focus on the interplay between these elements.

Maybe your graphics experience will make your coded effects more beautiful. Maybe you can code tools to use for doing graphics (or procedural graphics, as you suggested yourself). Don't be restrained by categories. Think of what you want to achieve and do whatever it takes.

And come to Revision. <JediHandWaving>You are not doing anything important during Easter anyway.</JediHandWaving>
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Demoscene is not short of coders. The coders don't have enough motivation to code complex things for a demo, because fakes win compos.

Demoscene is not short of graphic artists. The graphic artists don't have enough motivation to make nocopy works for a demo, because conversions win compos.

Demoscene is not short of musicians. The musicians don't have enough motivation to write music for a demo, because borrowed music win compos.
That's an astoundingly narrow world-view.
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maybe the only thing that the demoscene lacks are great prods - there just can't be enough :)
The scene lacks hungry, talented, young people that don't ask for directions.
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Strong independent sceners who don't need no man!
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Strong independent groups.
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tomaes: can you make the presentations? Who is who on the photo? At what party was it taken?
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scene lacks drama :D
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