A track from distance/lackluster used in an anti-NSA/FBI/Surveillance video "Overexposed", now on the TV

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Hi, this has been interesting.
Paolo Cirio is some sort of infamous media artist - and has created a new project called Overexposed - currently displayed at the NOME museum in Berlin till the 20th of July.

He's gone through social media and hunted down images of NSA CIA FBI people, turned them into stencils and sprayed them all over the place in various cities.

What happened next was pretty fun though -

TV: RT showed an interview + and segments of the making-of video
TV: 3SAT showed another interview + segments of the making-of-video
And ARTE showed it too

http://www.arte.tv/guide/de/056757-011/metropolis (Digitale Dissidenten: Künstler gegen die NSA)

Here's the whole video, "Making of Overexposed" https://vimeo.com/127665399

The track, is (of course) "So There Spherical" off of Lackluster: Lexicon of Goods.
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There should be more of that!
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Interesting, hadn't heard of this. In a freak coincidence, the exhibition is taking place within a walking distance from my home. I guess I got to check it tomorrow if the 20th of July closing date is accurate (some websites seem to state the 30th?)
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.aaand the gallery is of course closed on Mondays. So much for that then :)
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.aaand the gallery is of course closed on Mondays. So much for that then :)

thanks for looking at it anyway!

There should be more of that!

more of what, the video or the track?
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the project.
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