Kickstarter: The story of the Commodore 64 in pixels

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Chris Wilkins Kickstarter project

"Those who have seen my Ocean, US Gold and Spectrum books have always commented on their quality and content. The Commodore 64 book will be printed by the same printer to the very same quality and contain a lot of imagery and lots to read.

One small criticism that was received on the Spectrum books was that the reader could not see the full game screen graphic due to part of it being sucked into the spine. I have spoken to the printer about this and they have come up with the solution of making the spine 'stitch-bound' which allows the book to be opened further so you can see that part of the image that is normally in the spine if glued. So this will be ideal for this 236 page book where each and every pixel can be seen.

The book will contain many features to read:

An article on the history of the Commodore 64
A feature on those games that appeared on cartridge
A look at the SID chip and giving recognition to the best the music the chip had to offer
I am also proud to have Jeroen Tel, the author of such classic tunes as Cybernoid 2 and Robocop 3, write the Foreword for the book as well as contributing a memoir and telling his story of what the Commodore 64 means to him.

The cover of the book was designed by C64 graphics legend, Steven Day or STE'86 as many fans know him. The cover itself will be in matt with the Commodore logo and text embossed, and spot varnished.

The book will also have in its pages over 70 double page spreads of the best of the best of the games that the C64 has to offer. There will be a glorious large central game image surrounded by the loading screen, cassette inlay art and publisher logo. Each double spread will also have a mini 175-word review."
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