Best of Revision 2016 - Liveshow on Twitch

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Even this year we present the very best productions of the "Revision 2016"-Party last weekend in a special live show with videostream on Radio PARALAX.

The will be a nice collection with demos from most compos like "PC demo, oldschool demo GameDev" and the so-called. "Streaming Music Compo". There are some amazing productions also on 8bit and 16bit systems. All Demos & Gamedevs are presented largely live on the original systems via PC emulators, the remaining productions (especially current demos from PC) via video, possibly to avoid compatibility issues.

The videostream & chat will be available here:


or on our Twitch.TV website:


Have fun and good entertainment!
The liveshow will start on Saturday, the 2nd April at 20:00 CEST.
lol, well that was fast, was just talking about something similar in another thread.

do you do livestreams often? got a youtube channel where you're exporting them?
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you posted the same link twice...the twitch-one is wrong :/
luckily theres a link right under your video-player...you´ve got a new follower! :)