Bünzlireboot 2 - April 29 - Zürich, Switzerland

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Demoscene you are not getting enough love up lately up here in the Alps. We are setting <3 aflame again - showmethedemo.buenz.li
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zählt mich rein!
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argh, i'm living in zurich since over a year now, and it's this one day that i have to be elsewhere :(
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Will there be cows?
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Cow must be oldschool, it has 1 bit color only ;o
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Tomorrow night all your computer is #BÜNZLIREBOOTed in Zürich! We start at 18:00 and go until about midnight with special guests putting on live performances, fresh releases from lovely sceners, as well as an updated Spring 2016 demomix.

&&& we will show off tools, dig into code, share demo-making tips and hopefully a few tricks! If you didn't make it to the Lichtspiel for the first #bünzlireboot or want a refresher of the epic time we had in December, scroll through blog.soda.camp/010

The party place is on the south shore of the lake, about 15 minutes away from the main station. Take the S-Bahn S8 (e.g. 17:37 departure on platform 31), change at Zürich Wollishofen for bus 165 direction Rüschlikon and travel one stop - or just walk 5 minutes up the road to the Rote Fabrik. Dock18 will be through the first door on the left.

>> Come all ye merry sceners and fête with us! <<

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Party report of our weekend's meetup/show posted: blog.soda.camp/014

Greetings to all the groups whose releases we pirated >> Calodox Orion Moppi_Productions Vantage Brainstorm Blasphemy Panasqnic BON² Hackers ASD RSI cyriak Mercury Still Lorem_Ipsum UFDD Jorge_Fuentes farbrausch Conspiracy Fairlight CNCD The_Pixel_Twins Excellence_in_art _0x4015 YET11 Razor_1911 Bitlove <<

Super kudos to Atlantis / Doc Science for the amazing C64 release that we have at the moment still locked up in cold storage and will upload imminently.

Any thoughts or tips on helping lost sceners find each other or start new groups?
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Any thoughts or tips on helping lost sceners find each other or start new groups?

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