Videocast series about demoscene

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I've been doing a YouTube videocast about demoscene for some time now. Most of 11 episodes recorded so far are in Polish (with an exception of most of this one and this interview) but I'd like to expand it with a more international appeal and participants in English.

The idea is simple: usually there are two guests and a moderator. Each participant submits a topic to discuss and we talk about them. Demos are played on the side and there's YT chat open for everybody willing to comment. Sometimes there's an open chat so anybody can join the video conference (usually after a party so people can discuss their impressions from it). Guests can submit a playlist to be used, too.

So far, we've covered topics like:
- joint retro events and demoparties - is it a good idea?
- why Android is not a popular demo platform?
- recorded compos - good or bad?
- wild demos - a Polish specialty?
- bringing your family to a demoparty
- demoparties of 2015
- demoscene and VR
- from demoscene to commercial music career
- how to come back to the demoscene
- the "death" of Amiga demoscene in 2000s
- using commercial engines (like UE4) for making demos
- a woman's view of the demoscene
- a newcomer's view of the demoscene
- Polish Spectrum demoscene
- Polish Atari demoscene
- impressions from various demoparties

I'm using Hangouts, YT chat and OBS to join it together and stream. Unfortunately, OBS has its issues and is sometimes very unpredictable, especially when audio is concerned (and it's difficult to debug those issues locally). But it's just a matter of practice and preparation.

I know there's a similar show run by PSenough (greetings!) but I think I was first ;) Anyway, if you have any comments, suggestions and tips, I'm open to them. And most importantly, I'd be very glad to host more foreigners! Feel free to contact me (for example through YT).
added on the 2016-07-27 12:17:17 by Fei Fei
Excellent! I think making stuff like this is way overdue, and I love to participate when possible :)
added on the 2016-07-27 12:47:22 by visy visy
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added on the 2016-07-27 12:53:23 by Gargaj Gargaj
Great initiative!
added on the 2016-07-27 13:11:44 by ham ham
These videocasts may be the successors to the diskmags of former days.
added on the 2016-07-27 15:17:27 by Adok Adok
nice! didn't know you were doing this. i think it's great, the more the better :) only critic i can make is that i can't understand polish. :D
added on the 2016-07-27 22:49:17 by psenough psenough
I'm planning the next episode for Sunday, 7th August at 10 pm CEST. If anybody would like to participate, let me know.
added on the 2016-07-31 15:25:10 by Fei Fei
Maugli, Luisa, Silentriot and I were talking about organizing Riverwash and Function, two East European parties of September in Demontage #12.

I hope to have more episodes in English. I'm still looking for people to take part in a discussion on any scene-oriented subject. Next episode probably after Deadline and X.
added on the 2016-09-19 11:45:28 by Fei Fei
yay, somebody did a videocast with me :D
added on the 2016-09-20 13:42:39 by citrus citrus
I would be great with doing a TRSAC-related interview, or spilling the dirt on the danish demoscene (we arent enough to split it into separate platforms like the fantastic Polish people)
added on the 2016-09-20 20:53:47 by nic0 nic0
tried to watch it but... it was rather dull. did like to see my demo in the background :P
I was watching few episodes - cool initiative! It's actually interesting to see so many people coming back after years just for fun and competition spirit. More episodes with international guests please! :)
added on the 2016-09-20 23:53:07 by tomkh tomkh
@nic0: I'm not going to TRSAC (too close to X) but if you want to talk about the Danish demoscene, let me know. We can arrange a talk online.

Of course I'd like to have more international guests but it's usually difficult to convince sceners to talk.
added on the 2016-09-21 11:02:41 by Fei Fei
Very entertaining :) Is there a playlist up with the prods running in the background?
added on the 2016-09-21 13:03:34 by El Topo El Topo
People have complained to me there aren't enough episodes in English (understandable) so there it is. Today at 10:00 PM we are talking about US demoscene with Inverse Phase (Demosplash organizer). The channel is here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO6fMhzSqgR6BmdJxaXPSlA. You are welcome to the chat with your questions and comments.
added on the 2017-02-26 09:41:54 by Fei Fei
added on the 2017-02-26 18:33:56 by psenough psenough
added on the 2017-02-26 21:58:45 by Fei Fei
nic0: you can regale people with your tales of who has the widest...
added on the 2017-02-27 10:15:07 by farfar farfar
We will be live soon with Zden and Wilder from Satori to talk about the revival of the Slovak demoscene http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO6fMhzSqgR6BmdJxaXPSlA/live
added on the 2017-04-02 21:50:53 by Fei Fei
nice episode! :)
added on the 2017-04-03 04:11:12 by psenough psenough