Immersive VR studio requires your QT expertise!

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Hi all.

I am currently engaged with developing immersive content technology for a startup called Depthkit. In a nutshell we are creating a tools suite that enables film makers to volumetrically capture people and playback the result in film, using non linear film pipelines and game engines to playback the result. We cater for the whole immersive spectrum including VR, AR, MR etc and collaborate with creative studios. We have a strong connection with the immersive studio http://scatter.nyc/ and our last two collaborations include the award winning Zero Days VR and Blackout VR, which were both presented at Sundance and Tribeca film festivals.

We are currently searching for a tools developer (on a contract basis initially) with experience / expertise in QT to augment our small team based in Brooklyn, NYC.

The full spec of the post is here: https://forum.qt.io/topic/84321/nyc-startup-looking-for-qt-qml-c-expert-6-10-wee k-contract

if you are interested and have relevant experience or are just curious about what we do at our studio then please do not hesitate to email me at neil@simile.systems
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How much and why so low?
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