DATASTORM 2018 ➜ 3-5 August ➜ Gothenburg, SE

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C64/Amiga/Console Bonanza - Gothenburg Sweden / 3-5 August 2018.

Tickets available at https://datastorm.party

Come and join DATASTORM, the ultimate demoparty for people operating on machines with blood and soul. The same legendary venue with its unique atmosphere, also with an outside DATAYARD with big screen, party tent and sound system for all ya party people!

Features announced so far:

➜ DEMOTALKS where the original authors talk about legendary demos such as Budbrain and Red Storm (more TBA).
➜ RJ MICAL, one of the inventors of the Amiga (among many other things)
➜ Outside DATAYARD with big screen, tent, DJs, etc -- for all your party needs!
➜ Some of the best oldschool compos around
➜ And all those geeks and freaks!

Stay tuned for some more amazing announcements!
Tickets available at https://datastorm.party
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Thanks for the reminder!
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