My very first devlog

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Hi All!
I've made my very first devlog so I thought I share it to my beloved sceener fellas ❤
It was originally posted on TIGForums here is the link to that: https://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=66836.0

If you are a lazy sofasceener I leave the devlog copied from the forum here as well, but as i'm lazy too I won't remove the tags that doesn't work on pouet, so sorry for that :( Enjoy 😉

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Hello Everyone!
I'm 66Gramms the developer and owner of Strangeway. I'm 18 years old still an amateur but i'm working
hard on becoming a great game developer. I decided to make a devlog so I can keep
track of my progress, as well as encourage myself to work more on my game BallY.
Also anyone who is interested in my work can follow me doing my game and it seems fun to make a devlog,
so here it goes :) .

General information about BallY.
BallY is a Hyper-Casual game being made for android with a simple and clean desgin. It's influenced by Flappy Bird's gameplay mechanic, just instead of jumping, you can continously drag and control the player. Also instead of just simple pipes, there are complicated obstacles to evade. You can die two ways.

    [li]Hitting a spike[/li]
    [li]Being pushed back to the edge of the screen by a wall you don't evade[/li]

This is my second game that I made with a commercial purpose.

How it works
BallY is being made in Unity with C#
The base idea is all of these map slices move towards the player, and there is an invisible collider trigger on the far right end of the play area where the player can't see it. The map slice (or obstacles as I call them) collides with this trigger, and this trigger checks for the last child element of the obstacle as that keeps the spawn coordinate for the next slice, and it spawns it to that spot. As the slices leave the screen they get deleted, so this way you basicly have a seamless spawning and destroying of map elements like this (The player can't die for the sake of the video):

[center]BB Image[/center]

Also I've made a random spawning of these slices in such way that all of the slices will be spawned at least once, and in one cycle the same slice won't appear twice. So this way you won't have that thing where you are going through twice the same slice. It is made with a list and an array

Code:public class ObstacleSpawner : MonoBehaviour {    [SerializeField] GameObject parent; //For keeping the Hierarchy clean    [Space(10)][SerializeField] Obstacle[] obstacleArray;   //Keep the predefined slices in this array    List<Obstacle> randomList;  //For random spawning without spawning twice    private int index;    private void Start()    {        randomList = new List<Obstacle>();        randomList.AddRange(obstacleArray);    }    private void OnTriggerEnter2D(Collider2D other)    {        if (other != null && other.CompareTag("Obstacle"))  //Avoid annoying unity logs            SpawnObstacle(other);    }    private void SpawnObstacle(Collider2D other)    {        index = Random.Range(0, randomList.Count);        var obst = Instantiate            (randomList[index],  //The obstacle parent to spawn            other.transform.GetChild(other.transform.childCount - 1).transform.position,    //The spawnpoint of the next obstacle should always be the last child of an obstacle parent.            Quaternion.identity);        obst.transform.parent = parent.transform;        //Avoiding spawning the same thing twice        randomList.RemoveAt(index);        if (randomList.Count < 1)        {            randomList.AddRange(obstacleArray);        }    } }

The map is from premade components. These are modular map slices, all made in a way so each can be placed next to each other without overlapping or not letting the player a gap to escape.

10th of February 2019

    [li]Made a better fade animation for the starting texts (backend only, nothing you could see)[/li]

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    [li]Added some UI elements, as the player dies they have the option to watch an add or pay some crystals to continue (Not functional yet)[/li]

[center]BB Image[/center]

    [li]Made a better collision detection[/li]

Instead of checking on every spike if it collided with something with the tag of player, I've rewritten this so only one instance, the player checks if it collided with something that has the script "playerShredder"

BB Image

    [li]Fixed some bugs with my "animation machine"[/li]

Thank you for checking out my very first devlog, I hope to make some more in the future, and keep logging as I finish the game. While waiting for the next and maybe more contentful part of the devlog, check out my previous game on the link found below

Facebook page: Facebook
Previous game: Lasers
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hooray :)
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