No Demobit in February 2020 (...but...)

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Last few months we got asked several times whether a Demobit 2020 will take place and before any more of you start to make party and travel plans for early 2020, we hereby publicly announce that Demobit 2020 will NOT take place in February.

After organising three successful editions of Demobit in 2017, 2018 and 2019 with growing ambitions and improvements, we decided to take a break and have more family time during the Christmas holidays and also to use this extra time to reestablish some new organisation and new ideas for future editions of Demobit.

One of these new ideas concerns Demobit 2020. We recently spoke with several representatives of creative subcultures here in Bratislava to combine our interests and organise a festival together. This is a one-off idea to still organise a Demobit event in 2020, albeit planned to be fewer and cross-subculture demoscene competitions and make it more like a creative festival with also a focus on synth-wave music acts, comics culture, retro/indie gaming, etc. It is all still early plans and in the works but as soon as these plans for October 2020 are more crystalized, we shall post more announcements concerning a final date, location, details about the festival, competitions and all other cool stuff.

So hopefully, see you in October!

The Demobit organisation team
added on the 2019-11-15 14:55:59 by zden zden
added on the 2019-11-15 15:23:32 by Gargaj Gargaj
Best of luck to you :) !
added on the 2019-11-15 16:50:20 by maeln maeln
Just don't forget to keep the "Demo" in Demobit! :]
added on the 2019-11-15 18:19:04 by ham ham
Don’t make this clash with TRSAC or Deadline!
added on the 2019-11-15 18:45:23 by Bombe Bombe
Or else!
added on the 2019-11-15 20:07:03 by dojoe dojoe
This sounds like an excellent idea! I warmly welcome these kind of cross culture + demoscene events in their many forms. :)
added on the 2019-11-16 10:23:26 by waffle waffle
sounds good that something is coming up!
added on the 2019-11-16 12:18:54 by nosfe nosfe
I also think that this has great potential to become something really good. There are so many creative subcultures apart from the demoscene...
added on the 2019-11-16 15:16:54 by Adok Adok
I wholeheartedly agree with waffle and adok!

Here is some early information, it's called GLiTCH and it takes place 9-11 October of 2020 and still takes place in Bratislava but at a different venue than the recent Demobits. We'll probably start a GLiTCH2020 thread some time early spring next year to announce all the cool stuff we are currently planning for it, but, mark the date etc and stuff!