MDT9K - 10 June 2020

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Planning another MDT9K session on the 10th of June (it's a Wednesday), around 21:00 Lisbon time to watch some demos and chat with guests about their demomaking experiences. Guests this time will be hellmood, superogue and blossom. Expect to see a re-run of Outline's tiny size coding intro competitions and plenty of talks on coding 128 bytes, 256 bytes and 512 bytes intros.

Tune in to twitch, youtube or good old scenesat to join the fun!
added on the 2020-06-07 17:58:19 by psenough psenough
Oh, I'm waiting for it... :)
it was a good show. thank you.
i second TomCat. quite entertaining! and also always nice to hear how one came (back) to the scene. ( and that blossom was not afraid to let the assembler pain into her life :D )
for the topic:
probably this was the first softsynth in 256b
(just found now)
@ps: Thanks for inviting me =) It was a pleasure to talk to you guys and watch some stuff

@tomcat: interesting, so what would be the first one actually putting out the sound? i remember this rough covox thingie in 128b, would that count? i mean it sounded close to randomly changing frequencies, which doesnt really qualify as "softsynth" right?
added on the 2020-06-11 17:37:13 by HellMood HellMood
Thanks everybody for liking the show and thanks to ps for inviting us...

We had a great time chatting with Hellmood and PS about a wide range of topics.
I think we had some nice discussions which and hope it was entertaining for those within and outside of the sizecoding scene :p

I think the softsynth and 512b discussions in particular were interesting, though cut a bit short sometimes because of the demoshow.

So if enough people like it and PS is up for it, we would love to do a more in depth some kind of roundtable thing with some other sizecoders as well
added on the 2020-06-11 22:13:02 by superogue superogue
tomcat: there is a comment on that prod saying that this one was first
added on the 2020-06-11 23:51:29 by psenough psenough
superogue: would be cool to host that
added on the 2020-06-11 23:52:13 by psenough psenough
tomcat: oh, caribean blue sounds like it's using general midi, not a softsynth
added on the 2020-06-11 23:53:57 by psenough psenough
or is it a softsynth? hmm, now i'm uncertain
added on the 2020-06-11 23:55:15 by psenough psenough
it only plays sound anyways, doesnt show any visuals :/
added on the 2020-06-11 23:56:35 by psenough psenough
@psenough my thoughts:
In my dictionary what we can call softsynth, is the music which doesn't store digitized samples.

bytebeat is when we output the sound with the result of formula of time.
the simpler bytebeats doesn't have any data
the more complex ones have some constants for notes or rhythm.

I'm not sure every bytebeat is softsynth too.
but if you recognize more parts in the formula which are trying to emulate different instruments (for example kickdrum, bass or synth), then it's a softsynth obviously.

softsynth is not equal to the procedural music, but music with procedural instruments only - could be a very close definition.