Demonights 012 - PlayBern.ch Edition - Bern/Switzerland - October 16th, 2020

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The "Reitschule Bern" is an autonomous cultural and meeting centre. Here we're going to have a demoshow, labeled as part of the demonights.ch series, in the Grosse Halle during PlayBern. PlayBern is a festival for games & culture. Please join us there on the 16th of October (Friday). We'll be around after work and the demoshow will start at 21:00h. All the details at https://demonights.ch/en/blog/demonights-012. Thanks to Seism for making this event possible <3
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Ok, I'm tired. So here are the links, carefully extracted for you and made clickable for your pleasure:
- http://playbern.ch/
- https://demonights.ch/en/blog/demonights-012
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