TDK Live Set - This Saturday Night

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Hey Peeps,

I'm doing a live streaming chiptune violin set as part of Chipspace Cyberspace 7 Saturday night from 7pm UK time. Not sure what time I'm on as yet, but Chibitech is also playing at some point as well so it's well worth coming along.



and if you missed it, I released a new chiptune album a couple of weeks ago featuring one of my most well known Amiga cracktro tunes..


So if you fancy flitting some moths, I'll see ya there!

m x
added on the 2020-11-28 02:14:38 by TDK TDK
This was epic. Look forward ro another chance to see TDK live
added on the 2021-01-02 18:49:02 by metoikos metoikos
uuh is there a recording somewhere around?
added on the 2021-01-03 02:11:41 by wysiwtf wysiwtf
@wysiwtf: It's available at twitch. :-)
added on the 2021-01-03 02:57:23 by dOc.K dOc.K
really like that tuna!
added on the 2021-01-08 13:46:56 by benJam benJam
Thanks peeps - glad you enjoyed.

The set is also on YouTube now - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcMytJL5Yn4


added on the 2021-01-16 23:50:43 by TDK TDK