Revision Online 2021 - April 2nd to 5th 2021

category: parties [glöplog]
Given the current circumstances this is the best option to safely ensure that we can celebrate another Revision demoparty event. Revision Online 2020 was very enjoyable - with the extra planning time that you all have I'm sure you'll surpass that with Revision Online 2021. Am personally looking forward to supporting the team behind Revision by buying a ticket in due course, as I'm sure we all are within the scene.

Sure, it sucks slightly that we can't be at the E-Werk in good old Saarbrooklyn; but all joking aside, this is not a slight against any of you as organizers. I'm sure you'll all do the best job you can do as you have all done before over the years. With personal job changes for me having taken place this year, had Revision been held at the E-Werk then there would have been a more than decent chance that my wife and I would have been able to visit again after some years. We do miss staying at the Ibis hotel in Saarbrucken and would love to go back at some point.

We're looking forward to partying with everyone else in the scene during Easter 2021, even though it'll be online. Stay safe and stay well, all of you, we don't want to lose any sceners from any platform to the current circumstances and I do hope we don't.

Best of luck !!!!
added on the 2020-12-18 23:11:19 by Felice Felice