legendary 4ks that set the bar to the next level

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For me those 2 are really special:


(But generally everthing from Loaderror)

4K Musicdisk
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Amiga 4k game-changers in 1995:
Babenoise by Spaceballs (OCS)
Dawn by Artwork (AGA)

The Humus series from Push Entertainment pioneered the space as well. The final "Humus 5" Rebirth from 2004 required a 3D-API and featured quite impressive music. Predecessors were all AGA.

I's say that on Amiga this category is dominated by Loonies, Ephidrena, Spaceballs and Push Entertainment.
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Stoned kinda started the MS-Dos 4kb area in 1994.
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and this is 1k. but also left its mark on the PC intros:
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I second Farfar - Peanut was absolutely absurd at the time of its release
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Heaven and Animate from ASM95.
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