Outline 2021 - May 13 to 16 - Online & Free

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In about 3 weeks from now we'll be organsing another online edition of Outline demoparty. This year votekeys are available free of charge, please register yourself here to receive a free votekey once our party system is up and running.

The party will feature compos, DJ sets, Shader Showdown, Byte Battle, Bar sessions, read all we can divulge right now about our events here and check back regularly for updates. About a week before the party starts a more precise schedule will appear on this page.

We're looking for volunteer DJ's, coders, and other people with practical suggestions for good content that we could add to our schedule. So if you have a good idea please post here, send us a mail at info (o) outlindemoparty.nl or ping havoc on a social media platform of your choice. :)
added on the 2021-04-25 22:09:59 by havoc havoc
\o/ Party! (see you in Sofaworld, I guess).
added on the 2021-04-26 00:32:22 by ham ham
Looking forward to it!
added on the 2021-04-28 14:51:42 by superogue superogue

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We're proud to confirm that the second Byte Battle tournament in history will take place at Outline. Thanks to the Lovebyte organizers for all the support with coordination and setup of this show! The coders participating in this 8-coder battle will be exoticorn, FMS-Cat, KilledByAPixel, Tomcat, psenough, LJ, gopher and aldroid. See the introduction trailer on Youtube for more information about the format.

We will broadcast the quarter finals at 9pm on Thursday, semifinals at 7pm on Friday, and the final at 9pm on the Saturday evening of Outline 2021 (May 13-14-15, all times are CEST).

If you want to vote for the Byte Battle you will need to register for a votekey at our website. It's free, what are you waiting for? ;)
added on the 2021-05-05 12:52:27 by havoc havoc
I dunno when and where and how long I'll be around next week, but I just registered and of course am looking forward to your online gig! :D
added on the 2021-05-06 22:18:02 by SunSpire SunSpire