What happened from my side of View:

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and he even was for more than a Decade!

Sorry for my obsession: It was almost 20 years...
added on the 2021-08-06 23:58:33 by _docd^hjb _docd^hjb
I genuinely don't know what to say. I'm sorry that this is how it had to turn out; you deserved better.
added on the 2021-08-07 00:21:28 by Gargaj Gargaj
It´s one thing that something happens in a Crew by a crew member and not taking any actions BUT :

if someone tells me,

Code:"he was very productive in the past, and released much"

Shall this be an excuse or an permission to pester a woman or sexual assault against her. Are you fucking serious ??? Is this the scale for giving someone the right to insult each other.

To state this clear :


And there is 100% no Excuse for doing that.

Even if, lets asmum "a 40 Years longterm Member of Fairlight would act like this whose has released 1 Billion Releases."
It´s wrong to judge a whole Group for some behaving people but i, as a leader of 2 groups can tell you which action would happens at ours.

BAN ! till the Situation is solved. An excuse would be made and also accepted and at least, the behaviour would not repeat again.

As said. I know also some people of the group and those were very kind human beings. Just to keep the things balanced.

We all need to know that we simple have to accept :

- Each others feelings
- Each others ( sexual ) integrity
- Each others ethnicity
- Each others sexual preference

For sure...yes, we are also individuals, sometimes we make jokes and they might sometimes hurt someone. Its up to us to stop then and apologize as well as the other side should accept that some peoples meanings are controverse.

If not here - in the demoscene. A place which is in general known for beeing open minded and cooperative.. WHERE ELSE should it works.

i consider that some people thinking about beeing more tolerant but i REALLY consider that some people thinking about how they act to each other.

There is something left to do and on a longer term, the outcome should be positive for us all.

btw. Sorry for my english but i give a fuck if it´s not perfect ;-)

For example just to pick the heaviest:
"These cunts, wiggle their asses and wonder that you want to lick the juicy steak"

This phrase didn't leave my head the entire night, and I need to get it off my chest:

I can't even express how it makes me feel to know that people who say things like these are attending the same gatherings as we do. It's not even something that surprises me in the slightest, which is the depressing thing - but reading this black on white (or white on blue) made me feel sick to my stomach.

As many others, I am used to holding my keys like a weapon whenever I walk home by myself at night, but this community is supposed to feel different - after all, people aren't strangers, some have been there for decades and the most devastating this is that I can hear the above phrase in multiple familiar voices.
Having put so much trust, love and work in the scene, that it would suck if I can't tell my girlfriends that there's a place for them to share their passions without feeling like warning them about the dark side of it all. What the fuck?

I don't walk among you with the mental image of my keys as a weapon. I really hope that I won't have to.
added on the 2021-08-07 15:09:26 by darya darya
"yeah...politically correct Revision cunts. Next they hang up a rainbow flag at the entrance."

Great idea, I'll bring one next year.
added on the 2021-08-07 16:54:03 by okkie okkie
Okkie: so do i.
And i‘d vote for rainbow orga shirts.
added on the 2021-08-07 18:24:20 by _docd^hjb _docd^hjb
...sponsored by Nike, the EU and Amazon.
added on the 2021-08-07 18:55:36 by Serpent Serpent
Serpent: You seem to have a problem with that.

added on the 2021-08-07 18:56:16 by darya darya
Yeah, weren't you supposed to be a libertarian? If people are planning to exercise their right to express themselves with a rainbow flag, what exactly is the problem?
added on the 2021-08-07 19:20:07 by jobe jobe
jobe: did i in any way say that they couldn't or shouldn't do that? Just pointing out the obvious. Everyone can wear what they want in their parties but that doesn't mean i couldn't comment on that.

darya: with what exactly?
added on the 2021-08-07 20:29:41 by Serpent Serpent
have to add: jobe, libertarian 50%, anarchist 50%, or even much more of latter.
added on the 2021-08-07 20:52:54 by Serpent Serpent
...sponsored by Nike, the EU and Amazon.

Would you explain what you want to express?
added on the 2021-08-07 21:13:43 by _docd^hjb _docd^hjb
Don't get baited into a detour.
added on the 2021-08-07 21:16:27 by Gargaj Gargaj
"When ppl see TRSi, they dont see "sleeping gods" or the well respected and cool members[…]

This is actually something I've been asking myself for a few years now. I mean, there have been TRSI productions, interestingly mostly on esoteric platforms, that I'd consider more than respectable - but I never got why the people who did them willingly associate with what's basically an embarrassing bunch of drama queens (I could link to a lot of threads here) whose sole remaining other skill seems to be drinking.
added on the 2021-08-07 22:08:21 by kb_ kb_
fear of conflict, a distorted perception of facts, paired with social behaviour and groupdynamics.

anyhoo...dramaqueening is not limited to this particular group.
And tbh I have nothing against a good pouet drama ^.^

-> But the list of incidents in recent years at parties are imho concerning.
added on the 2021-08-07 23:42:16 by _docd^hjb _docd^hjb
Happy birthday Hardy.

I have to agree with the others. Finding the fault with alcohol is too easy and stupid too.

But I share your humor and I also understood what joke you wanted to do, but you also have to understand that not everyone likes this kind of sexist humor and you have to respect that! So if, as you write yourself, the lady wrote: "Nah! Stop!", Why did you not comply with her request and stopped? At that moment you had no sensitivity. I think it wouldn't have gotten better if you could have finished your 'joke'.

I hope you can see this mistake of yours and you both find a peaceful solution. Best of luck.
Kind regards.
added on the 2021-08-07 23:52:35 by .. ..
i think Serpent finally discovered what ESGs are... :P
fear of conflict, a distorted perception of facts, paired with social behavior and group dynamics.

Sums up the culture at my workplace quite nicely actually.
added on the 2021-08-08 04:24:33 by Salinga Salinga
DocD: good on you. Fuck those people.
added on the 2021-08-12 14:28:56 by gloom gloom
As a TRSi member, I think it would be cool if you could call out persons, that you mean by "those people" or "bunch of drama queens [...] whose sole remaining other skill seems to be drinking" or whatever stupid generalization you can come up with addressing a group of tbh. I don't know how many members "we" have atm.

I.e.: if you think I behaved badly, acted sexist, homophobic, or am a lame fucker or whatever, then just tell it to my face. And if you feel about one of my group members or even "homies" or "friends" this way, why not confronting them directly?

What's the point in playing "guilt by association" games?
added on the 2021-08-12 20:27:02 by spiderj spiderj
seems pretty obvious gloom was refering to the people docd mentioned which seemed fine with sexism being a part of the scene. docd didn't name names so hard for gloom to name them for him.

it would be nice to hear from the active members of trsi how they feel about the incident so people can actually judge them accordingly instead of bundling them by association, couz all we heard so far from trsi was crickets, docd leaving the group and elko leaving the scene because he's the only punk left in the world. so if you don't want to be bundled by association, what's your stance on random sexually harassing women then?
added on the 2021-08-12 21:10:53 by psenough psenough
maybe because it's just polite to not call out those persons by name publicly on the intarwebs?
seems pretty obvious gloom was refering to the people docd mentioned which seemed fine with sexism being a part of the scene. docd didn't name names so hard for gloom to name them for him.

Yes. It seems pretty obvious to me, that gloom didn't know what docd was refering to, but felt the need to comment anyways.

what's your stance on random sexually harassing women then?

That it's pretty fucked up.
added on the 2021-08-12 21:31:10 by spiderj spiderj
maybe because it's just polite to not call out those persons by name publicly on the intarwebs?

Then maybe call out those persons in "real life"? It's not a very hard thing to do in a "scene" where somehow everyone knows everyone. And even if you do call them out in the "intarwebs" ... what is the problem? Not being "polite" against what you think are "abusers", "bad seeds", whatsoever?
added on the 2021-08-12 21:37:18 by spiderj spiderj
As a TRSi member [...]

Let's stop there - are DocD's quotes accurate from the internal channels?
added on the 2021-08-12 21:38:57 by Gargaj Gargaj