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BTW there are severals ways to donate, not only visa/mc but paypal and others

I first tried bank transfer to the Ukranian IBAN but it turned out that it was blocked/not cleared for me because that's outside of EU and some other allow-listed countries. (That surprised me. Just because something has an IBAN apparently doesn't mean you can send money there; sanctions aside.)

There were some German IBANs listed as well; I guess those were proxies somehow?

Not sure if those didn't work; IIRC I got a bit scared by transfer fees and eventually went with PayPal, which worked fine (AFAIK).

PS: That was before this thread appeared, so website content/banking data might have changed in the meantime. I originally saw laila's single(?) post on Discord during Revision, then talked to her to get some answers and clear my doubts.
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thanks for the speech, and additional kudos for btc/eth option!

regarding the speech, i purely understand your pain and feelings, and i'm also being in close contact with fellow ukranian ZX sceners, some of the like VBI are serving in territorial defense (taking a moment - take care of yourself and come back home alive, Vova! we're eager for new great releases :)

although even if i don't fully agree with some of the statements, we all have the same enemy hiding in the kremlin bunker for the last 20 years, supporting the dictators, corrupting western states and businesses, tearing apart the world and bringing the worst possible feelings across the world, murdering the legacy of the Second World War and (hopefully that won't ever happen) leading to the nuclear catastrophe.

and while that's heartbreaking to hear that a significant portion of my country population actually support the disgraceful and devastating war, indocrinated with the strongest and obnoxious goebbles-grade propaganda machine running all the way non-stop, and hundreds of thousands of high-skilled people fled from the pootin's russia, there is still a lot of conscious and anti-war citizens, actively fighting against the dark powers of bunker's gremlin.

back in the 00s no one would even believe in any possibility of the war between tho neighborhood countries; unfortunately, we all underestimated the imperial ambitions of pootin, expressed by him first in the 2007's munich speech, then led for the georgian and crimea/donbas conflict in 2008 and 2014, playing by the worst rules of 19th century expansionism politics, while keeping the most unhabitated territory in the world with the exceptional economic potential, with the similar countries like canada being the prime example of building the successful and wealthy nation.

unfortunately, the west kept their eyes closed, funded the mad vlad and kept the relations for the whole decade after those events, feeding his gopnik nature and securing his domination ambitions. the consequences of those decisions we're seeing right now :(

and that's why i believe that putinism should be defeated ASAP, once and forever, and our society has to step through the purification and deputinizatrion. not to say it would be the easy process, regarding the soviet and pootin's leagcy, but looking at the germany experiece after WWII, i'm hoping that it's possible eventually.
and only together we can stop the multy-centurial vicious circle of mistakes, for the better future of our countries and the world in general.

anyway, thanks for the effort and looking forward to the victory!
Technically, we haven't won this war yet, but we have already.
Again and again, thank you people of the whole world for supporting us!
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I also couldn't use the IBAN directly, just getting a nondescript error from the banking website. I even called my bank and they told me that for non-EU transfers I'd have to come in in person (lol). I then managed to do it via gpay and mastercard...
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PSA: Double-check your bank's fees on foreign (especially non-EU) money transfers. You might end up being surprised how expensive your donation would have been, had it gone through. Especially for "small" amounts (<100€) the fees can be disproportionally high compared to PayPal and the like.
yes, unfortunately, fees for IBAN transfers from germany to ukraine are absolutely insane - i experienced it in another context before the war. better use the other options available.
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I rarely ask for favours; this is not about me but about Ukrainian (school) students. It still feels personal.

The back story:
I volunteered as a team guide for BOI (Baltic olympiad in informatics) participants a few weeks ago. My job was basically to guide teams from A to B, take care about questions and problems they may have and so on so I met a lot of them in person. We (the team guides and most of the participants) are still in contact.

I got to know today, that the Ukrainian team may have the possibility to participate in IOI by having their qualifications in a safe environment in poland - but this needs some funding to take place.
I'd like to see that happen; I know that money could be more helpful elsewhere in Ukraine, maybe - but on the other hand, this would enable some Ukrainian students to have a tiny piece of normality during their youth and follow their dreams despite the circumstances of the war.

So, with that said, I'll just leave the link about all of that I got from one of the participants today here and hope we can help making that happen.
Take my word that this is not a scam or something like that; I got this information and link directly from one of the participants of the Ukrainian team.

Blog entry about all this:

Donation link:

Thanks a lot <3
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