Black Valley 2022 - 15-17. July - Kruttverket, Oslo, Norway

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Norway's new summer party is coming up soon! We recently announced the competitions you can partake in. Since this is our first edition and we are a super small crew it's not a super long list of compos, but there should be something for anybody to compete in!

We will keep you guys posted on our website, social media (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) and here about ticket sales, timetable and other important things to know!
Looking forward to it. It's literally within walking distance from my home, which is a first!
added on the 2022-06-06 23:41:35 by Nosferatu Nosferatu
Would be nice to know just a bit more soon about the schedule (any thirsty arrivals for instance?) for booking flights, and sleeping options.
added on the 2022-06-07 22:19:26 by Psycho Psycho
Hey, sorry for taking a while to respond. Due to some local laws and venue details, Black Valley will have a few unfortunate limitations:

  • There will be no sleeping at the venue, and the venue is closed for visitors after 01:00 in the night. This is sadly a legal requirement, because the venue has a liquor license. This means that you'll have to make your own sleeping accommodations. There's some hotels nearby, and several Oslo sceners live in the area.
  • You can't bring your own drinks into the venue. Again, this is because they have a liquor license. There's a cafeteria with a bar, where you can bring food and drinks into the hall, and we're considering setting up a dedicated bar in the entrance area for the Saturday.
  • Due to limited space, we've decided to focus more on compo-viewing seats and less on computer seats. This means most people will not get a table for their stuff. We don't plan on a reservation system, but we kindly ask you to prioritize people who are working on contributions.
  • As a result of the above, we've consider it unlikely that a lot of guests would want to show up on Sunday just for a prize giving ceremony. So we'll do that last thing on Saturday, and we've decided to not rent the hall for the Sunday. This means that people might need to pack down their equipment on Saturday evening.

We're sorry about this, but we hope it will still be nice to have an in-person party this year, and we'll work to find better solutions for future events.
added on the 2022-06-11 16:03:40 by kusma kusma
One thing Erik forgot to mention is that there is a limited amount of tickets available for the party, since the venue isn’t the biggest.
Our schedule is now online!
added on the 2022-06-12 23:33:12 by kusma kusma
GEt your wallets ready... The tickets will go on sale on 17.06.2022 at 18:00 (GTM+2)
Compo rules as well as information about the ticket sale has been added to the website.

The tickets will go on sale on Friday, at 18:00 CEST.
added on the 2022-06-13 23:57:38 by kusma kusma
Buy your Black Valley tickets now!

BB Image
Well, this went quicker than expected! All tickets for Black Valley are sold out!

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and if you feel the need to share you travel info with the rest if the scene - there is always the infamous darklite partywiki!

added on the 2022-06-19 05:13:32 by T-101 T-101
sold out!

added on the 2022-06-20 11:48:16 by Deus Deus
Good news!!! We shuffled our floor plan around and now we can add a few more people!

Friday at 18:00, we will sell some MORE TICKETS!

The tickets went QUICKLY last time - so you better act fast!
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added on the 2022-06-21 23:42:51 by kusma kusma
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As you can tell we have serval oldskool machines dusted off and ready to go for your productions. Please contact us if you need any other machines, we might have that one as well!
*several 😅
So yeah.. that went quickly again. I think it took 30 minutes and now we are sold out for good! The party hall can't possibly handle more people!

We are very excited to see you all in 3 weeks!!!
Just for info how many tickets were there ?
added on the 2022-06-25 14:09:08 by kRiZ^cMz kRiZ^cMz
The compo PC is now beefier! Check out our website for more details.
Just for info how many tickets were there ?

First-round 70 tickets and second-round 15 more...