Scene Meetup @ Nodeinstitute Berlin

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Hello Berlin sceners,

We're hereby inviting you to the first Berlin Scene Meetup @ Nodeinstitute Berlin. We plan to make this a regular meet-up - hanging out, connecting with fellow sceners, watching demos together and exchanging about new tips&tricks, tools and approaches to making demos.
This first iteration will feature an Amiga Demoshow by Bodo, showing you some of the marvels of the last years on our beloved stock Amiga 500.
Pandur will give you a rundown of the best of Lovebyte demoparty.
And last but not least there will be a demoscene pubquiz themed around recent and upcoming demoparties, hosted by v3nom.
Entrance is free, there will be drinks available at fair prices, to support the venue.

Time and place:
Saturday, 18th of Feb, starting 18:00
Nodeinstitute, Address Wipperstraße 13, 12055 Berlin, near U/S-Bahn Station Neukölln (Space for around 25 People)
See you there! pandur & v3nom
added on the 2023-02-11 21:58:14 by v3nom v3nom
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added on the 2023-02-11 22:31:39 by pixtur pixtur
"Berlin Demoscene Meetup" – so … BDSM.
added on the 2023-02-12 15:33:29 by Y0Gi Y0Gi
figures. :D
added on the 2023-02-12 21:51:24 by Defiance Defiance
what happens at the meeting stays at the meeting - there's only one way to find out ;)
added on the 2023-02-12 21:56:03 by v3nom v3nom
I am having some health issues currently, but will try to join!
added on the 2023-02-15 19:06:19 by evills evills
Can't make it to the first one unfortunately, but will definitely attend in the future. Great to see something like this being organized.
added on the 2023-02-16 10:58:41 by break break
Regarding demoshow, we can perhaps talk about how some of our favourite Amiga 500 effects are made, or discuss possible approaches. :-)
added on the 2023-02-17 07:32:27 by bifat bifat
@bifat that would be awesome!
added on the 2023-02-17 09:04:02 by pandur pandur
Count me in. I lile BDSM ;)
added on the 2023-02-18 17:19:08 by bodo^rab bodo^rab
I unfortunately got quite sick yesterday and therefore the pubquiz needs to be moved to next time. The event is happening nevertheless, have fun!
added on the 2023-02-18 18:25:18 by v3nom v3nom
The 2nd edition of the scene meeting will take place on 18th of March, 18:00 at Nodeinstitute.

This time we will have bifat talk about how some of our favourite Amiga 500 effects are made.
Pandur will give us a rundown on his last cables demo from Mountain Bytes and v3nom will do the pub quiz which was couldn't happen last time.

See you there!
added on the 2023-03-10 18:44:54 by v3nom v3nom
Reminder: the 2nd edition of the meet-up will happen this Saturday, starting at 18:00!
added on the 2023-03-16 20:27:33 by v3nom v3nom
Not gonna make it this time, but last meeting was pretty awesome. Is it going to happen regularly on the third Saturday every month now?
added on the 2023-03-16 21:17:55 by novel novel
Not gonna make it this time, but last meeting was pretty awesome. Is it going to happen regularly on the third Saturday every month now?

It depends on the availability of the location but as said we will try to make it a regular thing.
added on the 2023-03-17 00:08:40 by v3nom v3nom
Thanks for everyone who was there yesterday it was great fun! The next meetup likely will be in May because in April we have Revision and BCC Party in Berlin upcoming. :)
added on the 2023-03-19 17:52:01 by v3nom v3nom
Unfortunately we needed to search for a new location, but we finally found one. The Berlin Scene Meetup will happen quartely at C-Base Berlin now.
First date: 24.1.2024, 20:00.
More infos here: http://c-base.org/calendar/#view=month&date=2024-01-01&event=c59d3c30-9aa9-44b0-a781-a29b4f2b1135
See you there!
added on the 2023-12-01 19:02:46 by v3nom v3nom
Super cool!
added on the 2023-12-03 12:03:45 by pixtur pixtur
added on the 2023-12-03 23:16:57 by evills evills
Nice! I missed the earlier ones but will do my best to make it into this one.
added on the 2023-12-04 10:22:12 by break break
Tomorrow's the day - join us at C-Base to meet up and watch some demos together :)
added on the 2024-01-23 08:39:53 by v3nom v3nom
Damn, I can't make it because of sickness :(
added on the 2024-01-24 15:52:30 by cp_ cp_
This was a really nice meetup, thanks to everyone who were coming today!
The next one eill happen in three months, so around end of April, and we will look back at Revision
added on the 2024-01-25 00:16:11 by v3nom v3nom
c-base <3
added on the 2024-01-25 07:31:59 by psenough psenough
Nice cozy meetup, I'll be back for sure. I can recommend anyone in the area even remotely interested in the scene to attend.

Next time we have a pub quiz, I'd suggest enforcing the forming of teams so that (if feasible) each consists of both newcomers and scene veterans. I realized during the revealing of the scores that this might not have been exactly fair for everybody :)
added on the 2024-01-25 10:51:41 by break break