Shadow(Sdw) has passed away

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Anyone has a count of how many platforms he covered?
added on the 2023-03-18 10:10:25 by cruzer cruzer
From a quick count from his pouet contributions I'd say around 24 - 25 platforms. (Correct me if I'm wrong.)
added on the 2023-03-18 10:21:32 by Defiance Defiance
around 24 - 25 platforms
Incredible if true. The king of platforms he was.
added on the 2023-03-18 10:26:06 by cruzer cruzer
I counted 28 on Pouët (the ones listed as "Wild" are for a few different platforms), but I could be wrong, my eyes are still sore. He also did a slideshow for the Luxor ABC 806 which hasn't been added here yet, and he coded some effects for the same machine that we were going to turn into a demo later this year.
added on the 2023-03-18 12:31:56 by mermaid mermaid
He did some other releases that also aren't on this site yet, I'd say he covered over 30 platforms.
added on the 2023-03-18 12:34:37 by mermaid mermaid
Over 30?! Apparently there was no machine that he couldn't tame. It's also worth noting that even on the more conventional demo platform of the C64, his demoparts totally rocked. I'm going to miss his presence on the scene a lot. Again, my condolences to all who were close to him.
added on the 2023-03-18 12:46:33 by Mibri Mibri
Also, some of his releases that are on Pouët don't have credits yet, so they're not listed on his profile. I've added credits to two of his Plastic releases, one for the PSP and one for the GP32
added on the 2023-03-18 13:03:42 by mermaid mermaid
G*P will not be the same without him :-(
RIP sdw, may you count 8bit CPU cycles in heaven.
added on the 2023-03-18 14:32:17 by wysiwtf wysiwtf
Aye, the king of platforms, indeed. :'(
added on the 2023-03-18 16:26:38 by Defiance Defiance
Why so early...?
added on the 2023-03-20 14:26:10 by sim sim
Oh man :( RIP
added on the 2023-03-20 14:34:59 by leGend leGend
May you rest, in platforms. Condolences to those close to him.
added on the 2023-03-21 04:45:08 by superplek superplek
Rest in peace, Sdw. Thank you for your great work.
added on the 2023-03-21 23:12:12 by imerso imerso
My condolences to the family. I never met him, but I read his code, so as a coder to coder, it feels like I knew him well. I don't care much for the number of platforms, but he also had a good eye for what works and what doesn't, so his demos always looked good, whatever platform he used.
added on the 2023-03-22 00:28:06 by introspec introspec
I'm speechless and sad to hear this news :( Shadow was so talented and a nice guy to meet at parties. My condolences to his family.
added on the 2023-03-23 10:49:29 by booger booger