XMAS Meeting on December 9th at 4.30 p.m in "Brauhaus" Wuppertal.

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As in the last years, the X-MAS meeting of T.S.A / the DevLab T.S.A association will take place in Wuppertal.

There are still a few free places, if you are interested just click the "Party Line" and leave a message. During the X-MAS Meeting the "Party Line" will be available as well.

Info :


Party Line :( please be patient with our answers. )

I will be there, last year it was pretty cool.
added on the 2023-10-17 20:56:11 by ghandy ghandy
One more year passed. Never had a bad experience on this meetup!
added on the 2023-10-23 23:18:16 by nodepond nodepond
Reminder : l

The Brauhaus Meeting starts in less than 2 weeks., we are booked out for this year. Next year we might try to get an own room at the "Brauhaus" if enough participants will shown up.
The first releases have already arrived.

If you want at least to participate remotely , just use the link

Part(without y)Meister :

and get in touch with me @ Facebook ( AMItac ) or just drop a message here.