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If you find business practices shitty, greedy or anti-consumer, the one way to keep your moral ground is to not use the product, not get it for free

Or you can turn to consequential ethics and note that if you're not going to buy something in any case, copying it doesn't make things worse for anybody.

More generally, it's not copying which leaves producers (and corporate leadership) without money, it's non-buying. Research has found out that people who ripped audio CDs most were the same people who bought them most.
Yes, I understand, but if the pirated versions didn’t exist I’d be fucked in both of these cases.
added on the 2023-11-27 20:45:46 by 4gentE 4gentE
But in most cases the company buys the tools needed for the developer to use, unless it is an indie studio, no?

In the context of this thread, what exactly is the difference between an indie studio and a company?
added on the 2023-11-27 20:49:40 by LJ LJ
Of course! Similar things have been observed time and again. I mean, nobody goes buying 3DSMax in like 1996 and THEN learns to model, texture, lighten and render. From my experience it was: you installed pirated software, you learned, then you bought the original. Or didn’t buy it. Piracy seems to help the sales and product recognition in that case scenario.
added on the 2023-11-27 20:52:14 by 4gentE 4gentE
The way companies copy protect stuff is sometimes laughable and of course a pain in the ass for the end user. I bought a game once which the copy protection rendered it unplayable, literally, and also it had tons of defects like the installer throwing random errors midway the installation for no reason (something unacceptable for a legal copy of a game).
added on the 2023-11-27 20:52:34 by Defiance Defiance
Since the developer got their money, I don't see much problem.

Of course they got their money, but I lost mine. :P
added on the 2023-11-27 21:09:49 by Defiance Defiance
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