Assembly Summer 2024 - August 1-4 2024

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Summer Assembly is back for the 31st time! On the first day of August, a four-day festival of gaming, digital art, cosplay, good vibes and community kicks off at the Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre. During the summer, Assembly expands to its largest scale and has been carrying the torch as Finland's biggest computer and LAN event for decades.

Demoscene competitions are hereby announced: https://assembly.org/en/events/summer24/program/demoscene-competitions
added on the 2024-03-28 23:52:24 by T-101 T-101
This year we will have a few new compo categories namely:

* Beginner demo!

Rules will be coming out SOON. See you this summer!
added on the 2024-03-31 11:53:36 by mayor mayor
When will the oldskool/demoscene computer places be available?
added on the 2024-04-02 16:45:54 by fragment fragment
Coming this year too. My first Assembly was twenty years ago!
added on the 2024-04-03 16:18:47 by MuffinHop MuffinHop