Why is Slengpung frozen since 2020?

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Sesse: That's definitely not my experience with it. You can indeed leave it out and roll your own, but then you'll also be missing out on stuff like the permissions model and the admin module, and the amount of refinement it's had over time (from security-critical things like increasing hash complexity, to subtle UI things like not leaking the presence or absence of an email address via the password reset workflow) mean that you're not likely to come up with something better yourself. And I've had no issues integrating it with everything from LDAP, Azure and Okta to SceneID.
added on the 2024-04-13 17:03:09 by gasman gasman
Maybe you are already doing that, but maybe it makes that you share some code with T-101?
added on the 2024-04-13 17:25:56 by scamp scamp
I have no issues or problems with django authentication, I know very well how to use it, and I know why I should use it. This isn't my first rodeo. Other scene related django apps I've coded are Partyman party management system and the infamous Darklite Partywiki.

My roadmap going forward is crystal clear. I know what needs to happen, I know what to do and I know how to do it.
added on the 2024-04-13 17:44:42 by T-101 T-101
Sounds promising but don't reject help if it's an overall improvement. I bet there are a lot peeps here that want contribute stuff. Design, Features etc.
added on the 2024-04-14 16:55:24 by Noust Noust
Many cooks + overhead, just let the man do...
Also, in general: Don't assume that much malice.

I hope SceneCity isn't built with that mindset... in web dev: always assume the worst, these are public servers and SceneID is an open network, anyone can register.
added on the 2024-04-14 18:11:52 by LJ LJ
I bet there are a lot peeps here that want contribute stuff. Design, Features etc.

Oh sweet summer child... If that was the case, most demoscene websites wouldn't be the state in which they are in right now.
totally unacceptable? as always...time for som ultras heh
added on the 2024-04-15 20:47:37 by Noust Noust