Renoise users: please list your painpoints, workflow issues, missing features, small improvements etc that you'd like to have in Renoise?

category: music [glöplog]
I like to enter numbers with the num block on my keyboard. Especially within the pattern editor in editing mode. It's kinda annoying to type a zero and suddenly my workflow is completely broken: Anything vanishes and instead the sample editor is shown. So confusing. I just wanted to edit an effect column! Now... where was I again...
It would be nice, if that could be toggled by a settings switch (maybe it is and I'm just blind) - and as I said: Only when in pattern editing mode.

But: Minor issue really - just after 30min I'm used to it again.

(on Linux)

sounds like you have the "Global:View:Focus/Show Sample Editor" set up to numpad 0. So, maybe change it? Try and go to the Keybinds, select something, anything, and press numpad 0 there, and see what it shows. if it shows other than the thing you want, maybe change it?

alternatively, i could create a script that, while in Pattern Editor, inputs "0" but when elsewhere (==not in Pattern Editor), goes to sample editor. let me know what you'd like..
added on the 2024-06-24 11:10:42 by distance distance