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Events of 1337

March 16 – Edward, the Black Prince is created Duke of Cornwall.
The Hundred Years' War (c. 1337-1453) begins between France and England.
Philip VI of France confiscates Aquitaine.
Bisham Priory is founded in England.
The Scaligeri family loses control of Padua; Alberto della Scala, music patron of the Italian Trecento, moves to Veronica.
Francesco Petrarca (often considered the first man of the Renaissance) first visits Rome, to wander its mysterious ruins with an eye for aesthetic as well as for history, exciting a renewed interest in Classical civilisation.
The Sofia Psalter is produced in Bulgaria.


Louis II, Duke of Bourbon (d. 1410)
Jean Froissart, historian and courtier from Hainaut (d. 1405)
Jeong Mong-ju, Goryeo diplomat and poet (d. 1392)


January 8 – Giotto di Bondone, Italian Painter (b. 1267)
June 7 – William III, Count of Hainaut
June 25 – Frederick III of Sicily (b. 1272)
date unknown
Angelo da Clareno, Italian Franciscan (b. 1247)
Mansa Musa, 14th century King of the Malinese Empire
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