Going to Assembly?

category: general [glöplog]
You mean the night ;)
But I get It, I've submited my entry 4 minutes before the deadline.
added on the 2005-07-30 01:30:47 by p01 p01
ah, well, yes. a testament to how tired i am. :) anyway.. when the taping is over the party will begin.
added on the 2005-07-30 02:03:55 by gloom gloom
watch assembyTV at www.assemblytv.net!

Party's going pretty well so far. I even showed my nipple to Wamma's boozembly video reporter. Sw33t.

added on the 2005-07-30 08:06:25 by abyss abyss
i lost my memory, has anyone found it?
added on the 2005-08-01 01:53:31 by nosfe nosfe
Some our swedish friends assured me that drinking tequila a lot, it's like a reboot on i386 based computers.. Damn i'm a fool get only my hd defragmented.
added on the 2005-08-01 09:34:55 by jammu jammu
yeah i'm thinking about going
added on the 2005-08-01 10:17:46 by sofokles sofokles