Pilgrimage unofficial results preview spectacular.

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Since I'm bored, brain fried from dealing with first time organizational help and somber party atmosphere... I figured I'd post a few teasers.

Who knows when releases will be online. No internet at party. All other attendees out partying or chilling in small groups in their hotel rooms, and much disorganization apparently... But anyways.

With the absense of a GZ coded K production, it left the door wide open for Northern Dragons to knock out the competition with a stylish and amusing demo called, you guessed it... Eurotrash.

Probably due to the absolutely late proper posting of rules, there were not enough modules to split music compos, so they got absorbed by the streamed compo which featured no less than 14 entries. The largest compo of the party (except maybe wild, I forget). And the fast tracked compo was fun. Of course Mr. Moses swept both compos, and making his pilgrimage music compo win trifecta complete.

More later. Gotta go for a beer run.
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No internet at party.
Many oldschoolers want to have that at other parties as well.
partying or chilling in small groups in their hotel rooms
So Pilgrimage has the same lame visitors several European parties have.

\o/ Eurotrash \o/

Have fun while the party lasts and don't forget to come to France to fuck pouets...
My delusional 4:20am salmiakki-inspired ramblings:

Shortly after first arriving at the party place on Friday, a small group of us joined together in search of a place to eat. Once we reached downtown we parked and stumbled upon a Lebanese restaurant, The Cedars of Lebanon, where we were entertained by a sword-toting belly dancer during our meal. To paraphrase Gem, "I did not think I would be seeing this at an American demoparty." :)

Northern Dragons rocked. Eurotrash was excellent. This is my favorite ND demo ever. Period.

It's too bad that GZ has a "real job" now, these things really do seem to get into the way of cool scene projects. Hmmm... "real job"... "scene projects"... Hmmm...

Mr. Moses, as many expected, conquered the music compos once again. Listening to his song from last year was like a fun adventure... This one was very different from that, as if there were two conflicting emotions tugging at each other. You'll have to listen to understand once it becomes available. :)

IIRC, last year we had raised something in the range of $14,000 in cash and prizes. This year the attendance was somewhat lower, so I was surprised to see that once again we had some rather large cash prizes distributed to the winners of certain categories.

Although Legalize has received a lot of criticism this year, some of which was warranted, I want to thank him for creating and continuing, for three years in a row now, the only demoparty in North America. Rumor is that in 2006, there may be *three* demoparties to choose from in North America. I think this would be a very good thing for the scene here. We will see...

IC made some really great wild compo trophy awards, constructed out of keyboard keys and LED lights. I do believe this might be a problem for the winners who are travelling internationally and need to pass through airport security with this electronic device. ;) The highlights of the wild compo were IC's own home made rock video, Legalize's real-time source code interpretation, and ND's PlayStation Portable music disk.

Tomorrow ceremoniously concludes Pilgrimage at the Grand America's award-winning Sunday brunch. I can just taste the fresh cantelope juice now.

Lets see how badly I mangle BB Code or if Pouet has timed out before I can manage to submit this...
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is that you optimus?
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glad you had a good time :)
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Pilgrimage was held at a warehouse-turn-art studio south of downtown Salt Lake City this year.

But yes, hotel parties can always been lots of fun. :D

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wow. my Engrish is superior today. This proves that my grammar is best when influenced by teh salmari.
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Pay for the flight and we will send you Okkie next time.
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That's even better Shifter. :D
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dangit, *i* had the idea to call a demo "eurotrash", long before even legalize famously uttered the word. :)

oh well, i'm sure this will be better than anything i'd come up with.
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Just arrived back in Canuck country, complete with souvenir salt encrusted on the bottom of my sandals. Didn't notice any dead sea monkeys as of yet. I'll keep looking.
BB Image <- he's also waiting for releases!
added on the 2005-09-20 12:40:24 by Gargaj Gargaj
i'll gladly go to Pilgrimage and give a lecture about how trashy we europeans exactly are, why we always make fun of our pan-american friends and why we eat strange foods like the 'baguette' or 'zuurkool'

it will be infotainment, fun and facts!
added on the 2005-09-20 12:47:26 by okkie okkie
that'd make the whole thing remarkably less sad, trokkie :)
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BB Image
Here we go!
classic screenshot!

Party was excellent. Not to take anything away from GZ and basehead, but I think ND would've won the demo compo regardless. They've kept getting better, and Eurotrash is.. entertaining. :)

Most the entries are up now, have at!
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The party was small but fun, I met quite a few nice people there. It was strange that the place closed in the evening and the party went on in small groups in hotels. Otherwise it was just like any smaller European party, just with a bit less alcohol.

Bryce canyon is amazing, thanks for the hint Legalize.
added on the 2005-09-21 10:33:43 by Ger Ger