the singularity

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why dont they/people teach the singularity at college and to everyone?
it proves that mental illness is normal and based on love it is the fastest method to obtain world peace and to sort things out...
If it was taught as a subject then various techniques and methods could be developed/discovered from it(within it)..
how to get in, make positive change and then how to get out with change made and locked...

or is this something that we're meant to find out by being meak....?

well i have to say its great now knowing i'm a fully qualified teaser :)
meek meek
added on the 2006-03-09 04:01:59 by elastic elastic
Religious Singularity is evil, Academic Singularity is evil. Singularity is damnable lie, Educators altered your mind, You cannot think opposite of what you were taught to think. You have a cyclop perspective and taught android mentality = lobotomized analytical ability. Educated singularity stupid - You can't think 4 corner days.

4 Earth Quadrants simultaneously rotate inside 4 Time Cube Quarters to create 4 - 24 hour days within one Earth rotation. This simple ignored math indicts you evil.
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Vinge kicks ass!
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Here's some singularity for you :)

added on the 2006-03-09 10:09:36 by el-bee el-bee
el-bee:thank you

jobe: We must be thinking of the singularity in different ways
When first hearing about it i automatically assumed it was the i and i all one people universal conciousness of love and peace... gods borg if u like.....
this understanding of the singularity is not taught but rather left for people to learn through their own enquiry and meekness
it does prove that mental illness is normal etc and it can achieve great things when it is beleived but it is powerfull and did make me kinda trip out when i first embraced it...
no-one was there to say its ok this is normal just relax and get to grips with it in this way or that...
i was just on my own tripping out not knowing what to do...
i wondered if maybe there should be a set of instructions about what to do when you reach this singularity....
its a bit like the one in the matrix when he finds he has the power to change anything...and reaches the core of the system...but for me there was no red or blue pill etc etc
added on the 2006-03-09 12:35:34 by elastic elastic
The singularity is source of all life, bla bla bla

but for all we know, we're just a fertile egg in an alien egg sack, and humans are a mutated virus which the egg is trying to conquer with addictive deadly substances like tobacco. Pretty soon a huge sperm is going to crash into us, fertilising our planets core (which at the origin is pure singularity), sending us towards a black hole(!) at which point our sphere is multiplied indefinately, based on a number of immesurable factors.

Thanky you, thank you.. I'll be taking my nobel peace prize now :)
added on the 2006-03-09 13:02:31 by chameleon chameleon
yes you are talking about the future xbox
it began with i and begin again with an x box
added on the 2006-03-09 13:09:21 by elastic elastic
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