Demos in middle 70's

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Hehe ,they should have printed on a copper foil instead of paper ,then the tones would be sounding clearer =D
added on the 2002-09-06 15:57:23 by Exin Exin
Well, I've been doing some research on early computer animations, and I have to tell that the first ones are not from the seventies, but well earlier. FREAX will have a chapter about the history of computer graphics, the origin of demo effects, and in that chapter I wrote some stuff about the first computer anims. For example, an old movie of Alfred Hitchcock, 'Vertigo' features a computer generated endscroller. And there was a guy (forgot his name) who was using a machine gun controlling computer from a B-29 Superfortress bomber to create "robotic" camera movement in a short film.
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I found something on some cd.. I'll put it up for few days if someone is interested... http://www.student.hig.se/~kp02ldf/firstdemoever.mpg

I don't know where this one comes from.. ~2.7Mb..
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Tomaes, I think the machine gun guy was John Whitney (see my post above).
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...tomcat I mean, not tomaes...
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Yes, that's right. I looked up my own book and got surprised. :) The movie was titled Lapsus - what a coincidence.
added on the 2002-09-08 20:07:50 by tomcat tomcat