scene music stolen

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Thanks Gargaj :) I saw the sunvox.so library in the game dir but had no clue what that was.
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BB Image
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BB Image Great :) Wouldn't have hurt to give credit to the author of the music they had permission for.
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The hook in ZOMBIE HYPERDRIVE - Ghost Blade (2016) basically sounds the same as the soundtrack of Megalactic by Schengen Allstars (by lug00ber 2014)

Nah, they're a few sids short of a Timbaland :)

It's not the most original pattern or chord progression, but the synth is a bit brassy so it sounds extra similar.
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oh my god, they both played a major chord the same way! thievery!
As I just mentioned in the Discord, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6zTbwhThn0 is a promotional video for a paid application and it uses Xeno's soundtrack from the Function 07 invitation.
Can't really contact him easily, but for the sake of completeness I though I'd post this here, too.
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OK, this is probably not completely on-topic for this thread, but it's at least somewhat related:

When I heard How Long by Tove Lo (and especially the first seconds), I get a distinct feeling that I've heard that sequence in some demo/scene music before.
Can't really back that feeling up with any facts, but maybe someone here can complete the connection?
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You probably meant that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFXIGHOElrE
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Frameranger part 2 and Vercors by Mosaik (skip to 2:10) are other similar loose fits (but only really to the extent of "brassy synth playing a repeating scale that increases in tempo").
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let's try to not copyright arpeggiated chords
I wanna copyright notes. G for Gaspode is now mine. Hahahahaha! (evil laughter)
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well, I copyrighted the letter G from the alphabet, so now you have to give your note another name! I propose Phillip.
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»Roter Sektor« – he has a sense of humour ...
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