Random line of code thread

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Code:While S!=95 30->G While G!=33 Pxl-Change(G,S G+1->G End S+1->S End
added on the 2018-05-02 16:54:03 by Parzival Parzival
@Parzival: you can try the "IS>(" (and "DS>(") commands, those do the inc/dec and jumping for you, but are faster because of less tokenisation overhead. ("For(" might be a little faster as well, but YMMV.)

(Secondly, you can also abuse the function plotter...)
added on the 2018-05-03 12:55:01 by porocyon porocyon
Code: ; push random lines ld e, 12 .lines ld a, r ; R FOR RANDOM. FUCK YOU ld h, high sintabofs : rlca : ld l, a ld l, [hl] : ld a, [hl] : ld a, r : add d ld d, a : rlca : and 0x3E : push af call dma_stats
added on the 2018-05-04 17:13:44 by wbc\\bz7 wbc\\bz7
@porocyon: I mainly used that method so as to make the code more readable. I can't really use the function plotter as it's part of a loading bar and i hate having to mess with the plotter to get it to work right.

Long story short: i'm a bad coder with a preference of direct plotting. xD
added on the 2018-05-04 19:42:28 by Parzival Parzival
Code:*cPos++ = in.coords[c][l][z][i][xy];

a.k.a. "who needs three dimensions when you can have five for just ten times the headache"
added on the 2018-05-18 13:52:21 by KeyJ KeyJ
Code:XMLNode* node = cascades.FirstChild()->NextSibling()->NextSibling()->FirstChild()->F irstChild()->NextSibling()->NextSibling();
added on the 2018-05-18 17:42:56 by svo svo
Code: PutString(pixel, fonts, string("[") + to_string(mouseCoord.x) + string(",") + to_string(mouseCoord.y) + string("]"), 150, 332, 0x000000, 0xffffff);
added on the 2018-05-18 22:24:18 by rudi rudi