Last person to ever post in this thread wins!

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### song, people winning ###
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dear daphne,
Voikohan tätä tuotetta käyttää allergisen nuhan, allergisten silmä- ja iho-oireiden poistoon?
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You must die, i alone am best.
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move.w #$1D1E,d0
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When interpreting the thread subject in a style like "every last man", then "every last one who ever posted here, wins"

SO WE'RE ALL WINNERZ \o/ ...every last one of us YAY
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No mate- just me. I'm the winner. I'm afraid there isn't enough room in this town for the lot of us
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Copyright 1978 Synertek Corp.

No sign of Microsoft anywhere!

Well, not necessarily - Bonnie Sullivan writes: I worked on software for the SYM-1 project, and I can add some details.

The software was written by Nelson Edwards and students in Walla Walla. They hand-assembled the 6502 code.

There was an option to have the SYM-1 with Microsoft Basic. Bill Gates himself came to see us and provided the Basic. He was arrogant, baby-faced, and he wrote buggy code, then refused to believe that it didn't work.

I think that he assembled it with macros in a PDP-10 assembler. We would provide him with hardware specs, he would customize Basic, send us the code, we would burn an EPROM, and it wouldn't work. "That's impossible!", he would say, despite the fact that he didn't have the hardware, so he hadn't tested it.
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argh damn foggy and fully of moskitos, these scene sewers
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what have I won, ipad ?
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Hey yeah- what have I won too?!!?!!
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long time so see!
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hey, i just won.
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Could somebody delete this thread. It's pointless.
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