demoscene musicians playing live?

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Some PC Sceners will spin electroswing at KGB Bar this Saturday :)
http://www.kgb.nu party tommorow from 17:00 - 04:00
i am freestyling a song called 'Queen Bittin' on my nose flute currently. check it out!
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The radio station I'm playing at for the last couple of years celebrates it 20th birthday!
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Got some more info:

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17+18 oktober
Radio Tonka 20 jaar festival
Unit Moebius, Shitcluster, I-F, Mono-Amine, Nektar, Numtek: 40 acts total
Maakhaven Den Haag

1e Lulofdwarsstraat
Entrance Calandstraat 157

Fb link saturday: https://www.facebook.com/events/1517498591800787/
Free entrance
40 acts, two days, two areas.
Photos location: http://imgur.com/a/h5s49#0

[Friday 17th october Maakhaven]
19:30 Feedback Orchestra
20:00 Dj Casper
20:15 Max Headroom
21:15 Dj Casper
21:45 Dyzack
22:30 Dj Casper
23:00 X-ray men
23:45 Dj Casper
00:15 Lifeless past
01:00 Dj Casper
02:00 I-F
03:30 Rivers Area Juke Squad B2B Mataklap
05:00 (end)

20:00 Professor Azzacove
20:30 Dj Big Fatzo
21:00 Hofstad
21:45 Dj Big Fatzo
22:15 Droppings
23:00 Dj Big Fatzo
23:30 Laura Palmer
00:15 Dj Eve
01:00 Alkaloid
01:45 G-Spot crew
02:45 Sista Lisa
03:45 Jack Tulp
04:45 (end)

[Saturday 18th october Maakhaven]
20:00 AU
21:00 Duistere Bardo
22:00 Cancerdogs
22:45 Fred D' agga
23:45 Howl Ensemble
00:30 Mono-Amine
01:30 Marky & Mace
02:30 Unit Moebius X Shitcluster
03:45 Ampex
04:45 (end)

19:30 Foute Man
20:30 The super sonic blues
21:30 Willie Wonka all stars
22:30 Carnival
23:15 Frank E
00:15 The international Music Conspiracy
01:15 Prins Django
02:00 Klankman
02:45 Moosz
04:00 Numtek
04:45 Nektar
05:45 (end)
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Playing goa as a susprise act :)

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Zalza and Fastbom will play on the last ever MondayClub on the old loction in Stockholm tommorow:

I can confirm that I played live in St. Petersburg at the Fulldozer Festival.
There's a video somewhere on YouTube. But it's not full, since I don't know, the camera man was drunk or kept stopping and pausing and starting or something.whatever.
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Sup. Managed to secure a gig, even though it's a 30 minute ambient set played at a local library in Helsinki-town.

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Lackluster Live, Satoi Live, △taajuus taajuus live.

6th February, 2015 - Kirjasto10, downtown Helsinki, Finland

More info in Finnish from:

Facebook event:
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This Thursday (12th of February 2015) I will play some Atari chiptunes to accompany Sylvia Ritter's "Bitstream Art" exhibition openting at Waterlounge, Aquarium Club in Dresden. Here is a link to the Facebook event page: Waterlounge Bitstream Art

Like 5 years ago this will a good occasion for a little scene meet-up and few drinks with friends from Checkpoint, Escape and others. Cheers!
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The Sähkökirjasto gig was a relative success, here's a bit of video from it (the Sähkökirjasto peeps will be posting a larger video later from all the 3 acts playing)

Also, I'm playing in Pori as Esa Ruoho on the 21st of Feb - at a 33 hour Live Ambient music festival! (which is unfortunately sold out) http://www.parisuh.de/events/live-ambient-festival/

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There are also rumours of playing another gig in Finland in June. Will post about it when it's official.

p.s. if you want me to play a gig in the UK between 8th april and 15th april, please get in touch. esaruoho@gmail.com I'll be in London during that time.
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Ok, here we go. It's official.

25.06.2015: Lackluster live at Swag11V in Tampere, Finland:
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i'm gonna play at Kuucvaals festival in latvia this weekend

a solo concert as nosfe, and also i'm part of nega
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enjoy the gig, nosfe!
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Here was a nice flyer from Swäg 11v
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I won't bore you with gig photos :)

Still waiting for audio to appear..
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Hi, slowly posting live gig recordings to

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Hi, so Swaeg did not record the set, but here's something else.

Was recently playing at the Media Library in Myllypuro, Eastern Helsinki, at an event called Myllikän Elektroillat, as Lackluster. That was on the 17th of February 2016.

and here's the gig, recorded with video microphone + video by the VJ Indiego guy.


Here's a flyer
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Next Friday I'll be playing at Kontula Electronic 2016 - an electronic music festival organized by Jimi Tenor etc.. in Kontula.

Here's a flyer for where I'm playing.

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So that's 15th April at 21.00, Kontula Helsinki Finland, something called Pool Bar Fiesta or something.
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A bit late, but:


Endoplasmatix, reunion after shit years.


Still working... new, old, projects.. you never know...

- Real noise is analogue noise.
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