The insults thread

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added on the 2008-01-27 00:06:43 by raer raer
fuckings to lord helmet!
your mothers wear army boots !11
added on the 2008-01-29 01:25:01 by xyz xyz
added on the 2008-01-29 11:11:52 by d0DgE d0DgE
no insult like reviving a lame, dead thread.
added on the 2008-01-29 16:35:58 by Shifter Shifter
Youtube comments are full of insults.
added on the 2008-01-29 17:12:23 by oxb oxb
**Go Superstar DJ**
added on the 2008-01-29 18:43:59 by BiasZ BiasZ
You're all a bunch of turnips! (does this work in spanish?)
BB Image
added on the 2008-01-30 02:49:03 by xernobyl xernobyl
What the fuck are you looking at this for?
added on the 2008-01-30 04:06:07 by CrzyClst CrzyClst
added on the 2008-01-30 12:10:02 by rmeht rmeht
E torna presto! :D
added on the 2008-05-28 12:51:07 by SoDa7 SoDa7
Is that Italian for "put it in the ass"?
added on the 2008-05-28 13:14:32 by xernobyl xernobyl
Bordel de merde, allez tous vous faire foutre bande d'enculé de vos mères, votre mère suce des bites en enfer.
added on the 2008-05-28 13:44:03 by __ __
Far långt baki helvete era satans mähän! :D
added on the 2008-05-28 13:46:48 by Frost Frost
added on the 2008-05-28 13:51:13 by Zest Zest
Your mother is a mother fucking girafe!
added on the 2008-05-28 13:59:16 by xernobyl xernobyl
added on the 2008-05-28 14:14:05 by Frost Frost
Je nique le squelette de ton grand père et j'en fait une échelle pour monter au grenier enculer ta mère la gueuse pour t'avorter à grands coups de bytes, pédé vert !
an insults thread... what a fucking shit. go to hell, asshole.
added on the 2008-05-28 17:23:51 by v3nom v3nom
added on the 2008-05-28 18:33:48 by SoDa7 SoDa7
I'm farting in your general direction!
added on the 2008-05-28 19:02:19 by bizun_ bizun_
bubs. bohk. plafies...
It's a universal, multi-purpose thread. You know, the kind that gets bumped when you exspect it the least - and hates it most.

Enough said...