Forgotten/untold massacres

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Depends on how you define "forgotten". I doubt the chinese have forgotten about Nanking or the work of Unit 731. Some experiments that weres done by Unit 731 iirc was to inject horse urine into chinese prisoners' kidneys to see how their bodies would react, or to calibrate flame throwers using prisoners as targets.

The ukranian famine of the 1932-1933 - created by Stalin and other party leaders - was a pretty big deal. Over 5 million people are estimated to have died.

East Timor. Following the invasion in 1975 the Indonesians killed off a large bit of the timorian population.

Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge. They came to power following the illegal bombing of Cambodia by you-know-who, and killed about a million people in 4-5 years.
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Yeah, but at least it took the Khmer Rouge 4-5 years and all the world knows about it.

The massacre I posted had more than 1,2 million casualties in just one year, and hardly anyone knows about it - which is scary in itself, I think.
youtube has so many things about Unit 731
it is so evil 1st time i see dark side of japan =\
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xiaomega: perhaps you studied the history of that era through Japanese history books? ;P

Reading this version of the article is quite hilarious when compared to the English version...
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i am not japanese nor chinese >.>; don't let my name fool u xD
besides every nation has its own dark side but Unit 731 is so sick ..
anyway compare it to usa it is nothing >.>;
take care,
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humans are sick
I like these two, both instigated by the United States of Arseholes...

Ringworm Children Massacre

Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment

but those of you who've been paying attention recently will know that our biggest massacre is just around the corner, in the form of global famine (and I mean global). Apparently a cull is in order, to save the planet from "over population". happy days!
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yeah i forgot one..
Israeli Occupation and the rotten media which false the facts.
damn them ~
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Israeli occupation is weird - there are a lot of job offers, but they only stand out for hi-tech personals, so if you're not educated, you're unemployed. many Israelis are non-tech educated (they either know nothing about computers/programming/web or thy thing they know everything about everything)

media where? Israeli media or outside media?
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LiraNuna: I can't tell if you're being serious or not :) (re: occupation)
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nagato: Wow. That's terrible. (ran it through Google's translation). The japanese article almost entirely misses the point and seems to still be using some wartime cover names. It makes me wonder if Japan ever even declassified it.
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LiraNuna:...? what the hell are u talking about >.>; occupation as Military occupation ...

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