GoatTracker slow on OS X

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calling anything for each pixel drawn isn't a good idea :)

so that means, all fragment shaders are actually a bad idea? ;-)
added on the 2009-09-19 13:31:16 by styx^hcr styx^hcr
I'm trying to find a way to insert a row in the pattern editor. The help clearly says INS and no other key can do that. WTF...

The help also says that "ALT+DEL emulates INS on Mac OS X" :)
added on the 2009-09-19 16:26:42 by johnl johnl
lol, figured it out. on macbook keyboard that would be alt+fn+backspace. apple is easy! :)
added on the 2009-09-19 17:40:57 by svo svo
Hm... I just DL'ed version 2.73 of goatTracker. Program usually works, but CPU always fires up to 67%. Sometimes things overheat when pressing play, pushing the CPU over the edge of 100% -> Resulting in a practical freeze of the app.

Anyone got any idea what would cause this strange behavior? I am on a mid 2009 macbook btw (osx 10.10.3)
added on the 2015-07-20 20:06:06 by nodepond nodepond
I began to play with the command-line options, but no luck so far. Maybe there is some setting, that will produce the gain I am searching for.

GoatTracker.app/Contents/MacOS/GoatTracker --help

Here's how to trigger the app on os-x with cmd-line opts.
added on the 2015-07-20 22:04:07 by nodepond nodepond
...could make it more stable, but the CPU still haunts beyond 66%...
added on the 2015-07-20 22:21:59 by nodepond nodepond
Fn+Enter is supposed to produce Insert, can't check it now.
added on the 2015-07-20 23:44:38 by Marq Marq
@ PulkoMandy:
i'm almost glad my crappy code for grafx2 actually helped someone fix something else :p
well... back on fixing other bugs now :)

Ahh, GREAT! So please do not forget to include some of my ooold remarks, please ;)
added on the 2015-07-21 11:02:00 by sim sim
Are you aware that quote is from 2008? ;)
I'm still fixing these bugs, however. If your suggestions are still not implemented, maybe you should repeat them to me or add bug reports to the new GrafX2 homepage.