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From my quality of scientist, the end of the world will happen when more and more people will get impressions of "deja-vu".
A Deja-vu impression, is caused when you do resurrection.
To resurrect, generally you must alienate your brain with an insect, an animal etc. Animas are used to maintain the state of Deja-Vu.
Most people are used to be in charge of medecine in the end of their life, dying please them by this impression.
Thank to Laurent.
It's the starting point now for most of demosceners to start their real life.
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a déja vu is an error in your brain, when you realise something after you remeber it instead of the other way around
it's an error in the matrix :P
Just so you know. In the time I've created demoscene, I wanted to save you from great troubles. Dead demosceners aren't good demosceners.
The proof is with the brain tumor demoscener died years ago.

Apocalypse is a pretty sweet album from The Presets!

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Be carefull by staying awake on demoparties...Isn't it ?
Heute ist das Ende aller Tage! Denn heute werde ich die Welt zerstören... ganz bequem von Zuhause aus! Alles per Internet! Bwaaahahahahaha!
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great! thanks for the enlightenment, so i hereby decide i shall alienate my brain with the one of an owl (or perhaps some other nocturnal animal), so i can stay awake at demoparties, solely for that purpose (or well... and anticipating the apocalypse of course!)
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Barti Demoscene Domination.
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Boogie Down Productions.
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The seeing in impression of deja vu is a remembering of foetal life...due to ressurection...you all deads.
added on the 2008-12-01 18:29:17 by zefyros zefyros
Hours is hours, and minutes are minutes.
rush hour is rush hour

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Earth will become a desert, my job travelling trhought time is to plan non sleeping survival and adaptation.
More I planned a transport throught terraforming another planet.
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See my eyes if I'm a liar.
I have constellations on my arms as birth marks.