Sobec chose to leave us :(

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Yeah man, just thought about him as well. He's still an unforgotten friend! RIP mate
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RIP Sobec :(

I remember when we met at Breakpoint 2005, he first did not recognize me. When Paralax told him who I was, he said: "Ah!", took a grip of my glasses and distorted their position a bit. Then he said: "If your glasses had been like this, I would have recognized you instantly!"
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i hope he is at a place where he feels better now.
I hope so, too.
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Sobec, Crest, Frater Sinister... I hope I don't have to add any more names to my list of friends that decided to take a different train.
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This is the day Sobec passed, exactly ten years ago.
Chaotic^farbrausch, my wife and i went to his "place" an hour ago, sent greetings from all of you and brought some cool looking flowers.

Chaotic mentioned that it felt as if noisy, bassy sounds were coming from down below.
But we checked: his neighbours don‘t mind.

Anyways. Gone but not forgotten.
Hallo! Was? Sobec.

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Rest in peace, Sobec. You were a nice guy and a talented composer.
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:( <3
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just yesterday, while preparing my gf for a possible demoparty visit this year i explained the Hallo! Was? to her.
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Surely Hallo! Was? and Amigaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!! are destined to go historical within the scene ? (

Even if kb isn't too fond of the latter now :)
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still miss him.
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I never knew him, as I was about four when he died. Seeing this thread really makes me sad and in shock.

Anyways, I'm here to pay my respects to him. <3
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